You have outdone yourself again! 不错嘛。

By alien Nutella (Opinion Article)

We have the best of the best expert committee in the world, led by the world best task force. 

Here are the achievements in summary...

1. We have achieved our 5000 cases in a day milestone! 

We went from 0 to 3500 (this one not antibodies count you know?) on average per day in such a short time span. Now to 5000 ish finally. 

Do you want to share your secret recipe with the world who's trying to imitate our Endemic model?

For a starter, it's actually a simple plan. Wait for a KTV cluster, followed by a fishery port cluster and when things go out of hand, tell people you are turning endemic. And then start by obscuring data that will allow them to see through you. And tell them these data are no longer relevant in an endemic world. *wink* I bet you also know - Data-display manipulation in your own nation, is key to continuously drive your narrative forward.

2. Eradicating all unvaccinated and all rights they have

Your narrative of get vaccinated, protect your loved ones and those unable to be vaccinated has evolved into let's protect these people by stopping them from going into malls (even when they are masked). 

So question #1 - do masks WORK? Your measures suggest otherwise.

Next to set up advisory for companies to enforce the following

- make the unvaccinated test everyday before going back to work and make them pay for it. 

- fire them as a "LAST" resort 

Question #2 - why are unvaccinated tested everyday when you jolly well know vaccinated people can be infected and transmit (Refer to above comparison table)? So the unvaccinated is a danger to who in particular? The vaccinated who's protected from severe symptoms? And now you want the unvaccinated to take the jab that do not protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated? 

So if the unvaccinated catches the virus from the vaccinated colleagues, there is no issue? 

If the vaccinated catches virus from unvaccinated, and ended up with mild to no symptoms, it's a BIG issue?

Unvaccinated if infected then rest and get treated, or stay in CCF for 14 days. 

Vaccinated if infected also rest and do stay home recovery of 10 days. 

Would you fire someone because of this 4 days difference? They got hospitalisation leave anyway to cover their absence. 

(I know you may want to argue your way through this, we don't want to overload the healthcare facilities / it's for the greater good/ in the name of public health --> that brings me to the next point)

3. Brainwash the general public to a deeper degree with I PRETEND I CARE ABOUT YOU message

When you say you want us to jab in the name of public health, protect ourselves and others. You know your sudden concern for my health is a bit too much for my heart to take. Because you still didn't ban smoking despite that benefits of banning it outweigh anything else. 

So your love for me is very confusing - it's like saying you miss me but don't wanna see me. *CRIES* 

I am not too sure if your love for me is real anymore. boohoooooo. 

4. Successfully fell to Number 39 spot for Bloomberg Covid Resilience ranking!


You keep saying we have done well. Now I fully understand what you meant. We are going to aim for 1st place, from the bottom! Just like how our Straits Times currently sits at 160th for World press freedom. 


Cant be the top, might as well aim for the last position right! I really do like how our task force and expert committee think and processes targets. Always achieving the unachievable. 

Honestly anyone can tell - You are afraid Healthcare Workers (HCWs) get unemployed, that is why you give them so much cases to handle right. You care about them so much that you aim to have 5k /10k cases a day, translating to 150k/ 300k cases a month for them to handle. Even if 1% ends up in ICU, it's 1500 to 3000 ICU cases. They are probably gonna roll over their vacation leave and utilise them in year 2030 (a year of vacation)

And I bet when you say you are with them and you leave no one behind. You really did leave no one behind - with the death counts each day, soon maybe no elderly left : ( no one left behind. Yay another goal post achieved.

5. Successfully diverted all blame on yourself with regard to foreign import policies, BG GF policies. 

The netizens and locals have been blaming you since last year with daily imported cases, until you brought in DELTA. Then they discovered you have weird BF GF policies too. Right now, you have again outdone yourself by bringing in the new DELTA PLUS variant (claiming there is no evidence of spread of it within the community). 


I like the way your task force and committee work. You do whatever you like, escape all blame (exactly what the Big Pharmas are doing) and responsibilities and when all else fail, increase restrictions + encourage boosters can already and then followed by Mdm Ho(medically untrained) jumping out to churn out the HEY GUYS STOP BITCHING post. 

Amazing awesome teamwork I see there really. 

Oh the other thing I am particularly impressed is also how you tell everyone Covid-19 is going to be just like a flu to the vaccinated, and we should live with it, but then your own ministers visit the dormitories in PPE, face masks and face shields. It's really amazing how your own ministers (Minister Tan & Senior Minister Koh) do not trust your statements and wish to take on a behaviour of caution.  Vaccinated but ....... wear so many layers. Must be very cold in the dormitory he visited.

6. Our experts are better than any others in the world, including WHO. 

China hasn't done 3 Sinovac shots to be considered fully vaccinated. The manufacturers of Sinovac did not recommend so. Our expert committee decided so. 

We have no data on mixing vaccines. Our expert committee says go ahead. Let's trial on our people.

FDA says no boosters for healthy individuals below 65 years old. We already encouraged 30 and above to go for boosters because our expert committee said so. 



Other countries halt the use of vaccines because there's a rise of myocarditis cases as well as "unknown" stuff found in the vaccines. 



Our best committee makes zero comment on it, and continues the national jabbing drive. 

Other doctors who have won Nobel prizes and inventor of MRNA have spoken against the vaccines and have brought up their concerns. Their videos were circulated around. Our experts decided the best way is to POFMA the website that share them, rather than have an open zoom discussion with people more expert than them to learn more. 

Even our Dr Leong who openly declared his predictions about Covid in 2020 turned out wrong, he still gets called an expert and appeared on interviews, being sought after for his inaccurate expert' opinions. 

Source: (5:05 min mark)

Our dear Prof Teo Yik Ying, has to openly declare his support for the WEF Great Reset by wearing their pin on his nice black blazer during this CNA interview. What message was he trying to send across? Is it a secret message from the experts to his bosses?

Source of logo:

To sum this point 6 up, our experts are just so darn good that they don't have to bother about what manufacturers of vaccines say, nor what FDA say, nor what WHO say. 

We are the best, simply the best. 

But we didn't invent any vaccine nor pill, nor were we able to control our covid cases and deaths. Explain why we are the best. *Scratch head*

7. For always having the best mouthpiece to push your narrative - the mainstream media


Commentary: Your unvaccinated friend is about 20 times more likely to infect you with COVID-19 

I guess they are speaking the truth since you did not POFMA them - Spread of false information. 

Cause in Taiwan, with just 30% fully vaccinated, we don't see high infection nor high death counts. So explain why the 70% of them are not passing the virus around to others. On top of that, they are not banned from shopping malls or dine in. 

But the more the vaccination rates go up, the infection rate goes up. EXPERTS, I need you to explain why! 

WHYYYYY! My brain cells are bursting because your mainstream buddy decided to use Melbourne in the above article to help you with your narrative. 

They previously had to use another country's article to illustrate long covid too. See below.


Somehow with so many case counts, we don't even have our own article or data to publish. Are we a joke, or are those collecting data lazing off? Please do your checks. We definitely want to keep these "slacking" vaccinated data-collecting staff (you get what I mean considering you are da best) and fire unvaccinated hardworking staff.