20 Unasked questions about the entire Pandemic (By Nutella)

A fact always stands on solid ground.

Take a proactive approach today.

Ask questions. 

And seek/demand answers.

Question #1

Where did the virus originate from? 

*as of this post, EXPERTS still haven't come to a conclusion even when it's coming to 2 year anniversary*

I thought pool money and resources together can develop vaccine in WARPSPEED but cannot pool money and resources together to find out the origin? 

Tackle the root of the problem, not the symptoms. 

Come, I donate $2. 

Question #2

What does a vaccine mean? 

*CDC(US) has changed the definition of vaccine providing immunity to providing protection*

Why? Why was there a need to redefine it? 

Should we go change the definitions of it in all dictionaries?

Question #3

Why did it take experts about a year to say the virus is airborne? 

Was it difficult to place a healthy person and an infected person in a room? And repeat the trial? 

When netizens question how come there seems to be ZERO cases in trains, Mdm HC mentioned the air ventilation in MRT Trains are awesome. So it's safe. I get it. Air only travel upwards. And virus only moves in a single direction. 

Still I don't understand why I can smell other commuters' fart through my mask. 

Question #4

How does a vaccinated passenger who had tested negative, board a plane and test positive upon landing? 

Where did they catch their virus from? 

Is it from the AIR that moved upwards from our train cabins, or is it from the farts of other passengers? 

Question #5

Why do the breakthrough cases keep on rising when OFFICIALS say it's rare? 

Experts may say cause the Antibody levels dwindle over time. How about those who just got vaccinated? Two weeks later, their antibodies dwindle? Partially vaccinated? 

What is the Antibody BENCHMARK Level? 

Me wanna aim for it. I am an achiever.

Question #6

Why unlinked cases keep on rising when you have TRACEtogether and contact tracing?

Experts/Publicity song say TRACE, TEST, VACCINATE. But somehow we failed at Stage 1 - TRACE. 

Oh yeah I forgot, healthcare system not overwhelmed despite high number of infections but contact tracers overwhelmed. They are preparing to cry now, because TaskForce LW says it can go up to 2000 cases even. 

SIAO LIAO, Contact tracers, you'd better change job. 

If not work die you. 

Question #7 

I know why you allow kids to follow their vaccinated parents to dine in. Cause you said they are at low risk of catching the virus. But then enlighten me on one thing.... 

Why you think of jabbing them in future when FDA approves for below 12? Are you contradicting what you believe in? Also hor, FDA is your daddy is it? Or your long lost uncle works inside? Why u blindly follow one? 

If you believe they are vulnerable to the virus, why you allow them to dine in? You said unvaccinated are more prone to catching the virus and displaying severe symptoms so cannot dine in. 

You lost me there.

Never mind, I eat outside the restaurant. Stand and eat at the entrance.

Question #8

Why till now, no experts come forward to explain why vaccine lead to possible myocarditis? I only hear DMS Prof Mak read out like dictionary definition of what it is, which I can simply google it myself lah. 

PS lah, I ask too many questions. But don't take ur time ok? Many youths may end up with myocarditis because you didn't bother to find out why. Go say sorry to their family. 

Is it you don't know? If don't know why you never find out huh? You director of Medical services leh. 

Also explain to me how come the 16 year old get $225K (when it's said to be reserved for death / TPD due to vaccine)? What permanent disability did he get? 

Last but not least, you also paid out another $225K. We don't know who the individual is, dead or alive. 

So if alive, what happened ?

If dead, and vaccine-caused... 

why aren't your vaccine factsheets updated with possibility of death as a side effect too?

Question #9

Why our taskforce and expert committee say can mix vaccine when there's insufficient data? 

Why are you running a trial on your own citizens? Why why why? 

Even the factsheet for these vaccines state that they do not have data on mixing vaccines and thus not recommended. 

And you ask those allergic to mRNA to go take Sinovac. Then you ask your dear Media team to keep writing lousy reviews of Sinovac shots. 

If Sinovac is s_ _ t vaccine, why are you now asking your own citizens to go eat shit? 

Question #10

As the community cases rise and unlinked cases increase, clusters happen everywhere. Even at our bus interchanges. Our dear hardworking bus captains.

Now you ask them eat alone, don't socialise to prevent spread. But then after work, they can walk in with their colleagues to any restaurant and dine-in. 

So your point is .... virus spread when you are not alone in open air places, and don't spread in enclosed air-conditioned spaces? 

Or do you mean virus don't spread after work, and spread only during working hours?

Question #11

Why your dear media sources want to make our citizens scared of LONG COVID but then they have to quote overseas infected cases as example? 

is it our dorm infected workers last year all no long covid? Or is it cause vaccines are from overseas, everything must also quote overseas? 

Did overseas media return the favour and quote us for our healthy recovered dorm workers? 

And send their infected cases to our dorms. Cause they auto recover miraculously without a cure/vaccine last year. 

But I think it's because our dorm air ventilation system good. They took it from the MRT and installed in their dorms.

Question #12

Why CDC US experts say viral load in infected vaccinated individuals are same as infected unvaccinated individuals? Is it their antibodies not working? Or is it they didn't mount any antibodies at all after the 2 shots?

Or is it just a game of luck? 

You kena, you suay. It's not about the vaccine.

Question #13

Why your MOH says the same thing each day and Straits Times writer follow same template? 

"Above 70 lah, at risk of severe illnesses. Continuing evidence benefits outweigh risks... " Blablabla

You check with MOH can? Or the writer just copy and paste everyday? Or perhaps same template everyday, just drop down button and select the numbers.

Also hor, me got one dumb question: 

Out of 18 infected, let's say they are in serious condition. 9 are FV, 8 are PV and 1 is UV. Why your media team don't mention about the fully vaccinated, but only talk about 9 who are partially vaccinated/unvaccinated? Is it cause they need to hit word count? FULLY = four words, PARTIALLY = 9 words... 

And hor, is there a need to lump these two groups together? 

People label the unvaccinated ... the antivaxxers... 

so if you want to group them together, does that mean partially vaccinated = partial anti-vaxxers?  : )

Question #14

Why Japan found "stuff" in their Moderna vaccines, and they halted the use, while we continue to jab jab jab. 

Why are people saying it's just that the batch is contaminated rather than asking, what's in there and what is the purpose of adding it? 

Anyway for those who do not know still, it's GRAPHENE OXIDE. Go read up what it does.

And why do we know friends who are magnetised after the shot, yet the MSM debunks and claimed it's fake. 

Is it our eyes got problem? Or is it they ate a magnet and it flowed through the bloodstream to their arms, chest and forehead?

Question #15

Why does your expert say Sinovac receivers have low antibodies count and after that, added that higher antibodies level does not necessarily equate to strong protection or immunity? 

So exactly what should we do? Please explain the science. 

Dr Leong said the antibodies will be like GPMG leh. But then somehow data shows GPMG ran out of bullets. Need top up. Like that how? They say turning endemic, treat like a flu. Do I need use a GPMG to kill an ant?

Are antibody levels important in our fight with Covid? If yes, you say WHO approved vaccines jab already = fully vaccinated.... So do we need the antibodies or not? Or we just need a total of 2 jabs?

If so, can I go for 2 blood donations and be considered fully vaccinated?

Question #16

Where is the control group from Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials? 

Any updates? Anyone still monitoring them? 

Are they alive or dead? 

Question #17

Why your media team does not have anyone who interviews the injured parties? Also you don't share interviews with people who disagree with booster shots. 

But you try to interview the schoolmates of the RV case leh... Why the different standards/protocols?

Please don't tell me cause the injured parties all declined to be interviewed, thus there's no one to interview : ( 

Question #18

Why you still push people for vaccines when you know it was "developed" for the Alpha variant? Did you educate the public the difference between a DNA Virus and a RNA Virus?

We are currently at Lambda and Mu variant already.

Are you using a Nokia 3310 to play a 3D game? 

You said 94/95% efficacy based on clinical trials. Then it dropped to 69%. Now 40%. 

(Israel latest data says it's only 16% from their previous 64%)

So at which level would you say risks outweigh the benefits? 

Till now, I don't understand why you don't ban smoking when benefits outweigh the risks.

Benefits of banning - health of your citizens. 

Benefits of not banning - more taxes for your pocket 

Oh so sorry, I shared your money making secret.

Question #19

Why are women' periods affected? What in this spike protein causes that... Till now, no experts come forth to explain this. 

Is it you don't care about our women when your task force commanders are all men??!!!! 

Question #20

What are your steps in verifying if a person has been injured by the vaccine or not? Please be transparent and share your protocols/procedures? 

What does a coroner check for to prove it's caused by vaccine? Is it a spike protein that looks like a sea urchin? 

Why do you have medical professionals who can determine it's not related to vaccine based on one single XRAY look into their patients' eyes? 

Tell me which medical school teaches x-ray vision, I will send my children there in future.