Logic stays, out goes the NOISE

by Nutella

Hey people, we are coming to our 2 year anniversary soon for the battle of Covid-19 plandemic. 

As we live day by day in the new "normal", I have come to realise one thing coming alive online - NOISE

This NOISE is so special that it's made to silence anyone who question the official Gahmen narrative, so special that they recruit people (or perhaps just some individuals) to comment daily on the latest news release associated to Covid. 

Let me bring you through a brief background of this NOISE

  1. They use weird profile pictures, eg. a BLANK profile, a picture of two koalas, a picture of a scenery. 
  2. They have little to zero information on their profile - no education background, and no workplace info 
  3. They recycle their profile picture multiple times - same shot with SG united frame, same shot with I GOT SHOT frame. Basically profile album only has 1 picture. 

One may argue that it's because they wanna stay private online, so they use random pictures/blank as their profile picture and no information on their background. Awesome defence. So they are like stalkers online, lurking in the dark I suppose? Without being responsible for any of their online comments made - SO MUCH FOR BEING A RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL. 

I have had an online exchange with the 2-koala profile pic individual recently. Someone whose profile has been active since 2012 but only has 34 friends after 9 years. I happened to click on these 34 friends and found that these friends profiles have also been inactive since 2014 and most of them have lesser than 60 friends too. Is it me or is this weird? So one inactive individual makes friends with those who are inactive? And stay inactive for years but suddenly come alive on a Straits Times news post? 

Food for thought : ) Who are these people? Not one but many. 

Apologies I digress. 

Back to the main point... 

These IB/trolls come alive after years of inactivity to basically complete the below missions:

  1. Praise the Gahmen no matter what measures are implemented
  2. Shoot down and silence anyone who questions/ challenges the Gahmen narrative
  3. Blame and discriminate the unvaccinated 

First of all, we are not here to be anti-GAHMEN, fyi. We just have questions that are unanswered so we ask. 

Being labelled as anti-vaxxer the moment we ask question about vaccines/Gahmen measures is like labelling a student dumb/anti-learning for asking questions during a lesson.

CHER, why LIDDAT? Is it you don't know the answer? 

So are these IB's responses logical or just noise? I let you decide.

Next, we should know that measures implemented will not be perfect and will not fill every gap. Just like during lockdown the TCM clinics/shops are not deemed as essential business at the start. But when we start speaking up, they are miraculously included in essential businesses and allowed to open + serve the public needs. 

Measures such as removing Covid medical benefits have been encouraged currently by the Gahmen to employers for the unvaccinated. 

Waittt..........Did I get that wrong? 

Does that mean HR actually have a budget and plan to attend to covid infected employees besides the standard Medical Leave and Hospitalization Leave? 

Okay let us put things in perspective. 

  1. Vaccinated people are less likely to suffer severe symptoms or death even when infected. So they should not need the benefits right? Also companies don't pay out for employees death typically isn't it?
  2. Non-vaxxed deprived of any covid-related medical benefits cause Gahmen advised so. 

In summary, hello HR team, just delete the entire Covid medical benefits coverage component, cause NO ONE benefits from it. Don't pretend to set budget for it hor. CHEATER BUG

Okay now let's get to the NOISY statements by the NOISE. 


For those who have been jabbed, we thank you for being responsible citizens (though many of you jab because you want to travel and dine in, that is all). 
IBs come online and label those who chose not to get the jab as irresponsible citizens/employees. 

Come, let Nutella put things into perspective for you. 

You run a company before covid hit. 

You have 2 supervisors, A and B. 

A is very hardworking and responsible at work. 

B is underperforming and do the minimal at work. 

Without covid, you would promote A over B. Logical?

With covid and vaccines.

A being responsible, does his/her due diligence and research, and decided not to jab. 

B being hack-care type, just wanna enjoy life and went for the jab. 

You receive instructions from Gahmen about the new measures and started making life harder for A, making A do ART tests twice a week, and also allowing the rest fo the employees to start labelling A as irresponsible. Maybe you also label A as that, who knows. But you also know deep inside that the work quality of A isn't compromised. And you also decided to change the job role of A because A isn't vaccinated. B takes over and do crappy work for you. 

Now my question for you is - what's your definition of the quality of being responsible? 

Is the definition of a responsible individual solely decided by their vaccination status? 

Think again IBs. 

Some employers made a not-so-smart statement - 

I would prefer to hire a vaccinated person. 

Rather than I would prefer to hire a talented and capable person for this role.

And singles saying the following - 

I would prefer to date a vaccinated person, cause that would mean that our values are aligned.

Does the above even make sense? I wonder. 


Define waste. And enlighten me on who's paying taxes. 

Let's get the facts right okay? 

You pay taxes, he pay taxes, she pay taxes and I pay taxes. Wait... did you pay?

So A and B go to the fruit stall. A pays $2 for some watermelons. B pays $2 for watermelons. Because B is unvaccinated, so shop owner only gives watermelons to A. Does that make sense to any of you? 

Hello IB, your vaccine shots / booster shots/ swab tests are also paid by taxpayers like myself and the unvaccinated. Why don't you display a tiny weenie bit of gratitude? 

But I guess not, you wanna come online and promote this message...

"Let the unvaccinated people pay for their own treatment if they get infected. Don't waste taxpayers money. Let them be treated last, not given priority should they get hospitalised. They should not be treated because they are so stubborn and they chose not to get vaccinated when they are medically fit to do so."

To be frank, I am just glad none of you IBs are in the medical profession. 

Cause if you are, you are in the wrong place. 

All you have is hate, not love. And patients need love and care

Discriminating and differentiating treatment to a particular group because of a decision to jab is absolutely absurd. Why so? Let me give you the following scenarios that display the power of CHOICE if you let it.

      1.  If you never wear seat belt and got into a car accident, should the doctor save u? Cause you CHOSE not to wear a seat belt. Waste medical resources and taxpayers money.
      2. If you fall and hit your head, should the doctor not save you? Cause you CHOSE not to replace your Koyak shoes/flipflops and you CHOSE not to be careful? Waste medical resources and taxpayers money.
      3. If you get the jab and go into ICU, should the doctor save you? Cause you CHOSE to get an experimental jab despite knowing the long list of side effects and that your body is weak? Waste medical resources and taxpayers money and $225K. 
      4. You get vaccinated. Then infected go ICU. Should the doctor save you? Or should the doctor CHOOSE to trust the power of these vaccines. You will not DIE from it. So don't need to treat. Let you be, discharge you and allow you to recover on your own? Don't waste medical resources and taxpayers money. 

In short, many of these IBs do not understand the basis of medical care. Medical care professionals made an oath - first do NO HARM. Also, they are to make their patients' health their first consideration/priority. Their only mission is to save and treat anyone under their care. 

Same for education .... 

If a teacher tells you that your special needs child is a waste of time and resources, they are in the wrong place

Discrimination has no place in our society at all. 

We have tried for decades or maybe centuries to eradicate discrimination. We aim to be an all-inclusive society, even organised Purple parade. Yet on the other hand, we have BIG NOISES online (CC,TK,BH,V) who speak out and against the unvaccinated. But no worries, you are forgiven because you don't know why people really choose not to jab. You don't listen/ask and you think you are right to show support/call for divisive(differentiating) measures. 

In your idea of creating a "safer" new normal, you are also teaching the younger generation that it is totally okay to create a non-inclusive world whenever a crisis happens. And remember the devil's same old strategy - divide and conquer. 

Noise #3 - the EXPERTS

For coming to 2 years, we do not just see a constant influx of imported cases, we also witness first hand an increase in air time for these experts in the area of COVID knowledge and crisis management. 

Old statement = Only obese and sick should wear masks  

New statement = It's highly infectious. Deadly. We should be masked on at all times. 

Newer statement = Let's collect free N95 masks from Temasek.

Old statement = let us protect the old, weak and immuno-compromised

New statement = We should only allow infected vaccinated visitors to hospitals without checks  (Read up on latest North Coast Lodge cluster)

Newer statement = Come, let's jab them(the vaccinated) again with the third shot

Old statement = Having silent community cases is very dangerous. We don't know how many will be infected. 

New statement = Let's not track the clusters anymore since we are turning endemic. 

Newer statement = Deaths among the vaccinated may also happen and rise as we turn endemic and open our borders.

Old statement = vaccinated people are less likely to get infected or end up in severe conditions. 

New statement = vaccinated people with underlying medical conditions can also end up in severe conditions or even death. 

Newer statement = vaccinated people suffer lesser symptoms before they die compared to the unvaccinated.

Old statement = Myocarditis is a new side effect and is very rare. 

New statement = Let's add that inside our list of side effects and warn the people not to exercise after second jab. 

Newer statement = Got more cases. Let's advise the jabbed to not exercise after first jab.


Old statement = vaccinated individuals carry low to no Covid viral load. 

New statement = vaccinated individuals carry similar viral load as unvaccinated. 

Newer statement = viral load in vaccinated people drop faster than in the unvaccinated.

Old statement = we can achieve herd immunity at 70% vaccination status

New statement = we can achieve herd immunity at 80% vaccination status

Newer statement = we cannot achieve herd immunity even at 100% vaccination status

Old statement = we have no flu cases in more than 8 months (ST 1st March 2021 Article)

New statement = let's start giving out the flu vaccine jab again

Old statement = virus is killing our economy 

New statement = lockdown is killing our economy

Newer statement = unvaccinated is delaying our economy from opening

Old statement = virus is leaked from Wuhan lab

New statement = virus is from bats/ pangolins

Newer statement = virus is leaked from Wuhan lab

Old statement = 16 year old boy injury maybe from supplements and heavy weights or .... vaccine

New statement = from ICU to High Dependency and then silence (more than a month) .... 

Newer statement = discharged and then pay $225K and silence.... and reveal got one more being paid $225K also but silence.... WHO SIAAAAA? 

Old statement = we need to trace, test and isolate 

New statement = let's close down hawkers and malls but let schools open even when there's infection

Newer statement = kids are at low risk of infection

Newest statement = let's get ready to jab the kiddos

Old statement = Wuhan virus

New statement = Covid 19

Newer statement = Delta Virus 

Newest statement = Pandemic of the unvaccinated

I guess the above should be sufficient for you to judge. And to come to a conclusion that anyone can be an expert (or rather roti prata flipper) these days. 

Perhaps I should be saying stuff like an expert in weather (meteorologist)

When you see water droplets falling from the sky, it's raining. 

If you cross the road when the RED light is on and when there is an incoming vehicle, you may have a high risk of dying (adapted from ST/MOH daily update on cases).

Thanks for reading all the way till the end, I hope I have tickled some of you by sharing what is usually being silenced or censored on Social Media platforms. 

Stay safe and be wise. 

Do not live life with a spirit of fear.

It's never wrong to ask questions. 

And common sense isn't really common.

That's all folks!