What is Transhumanism and Why Does This Matter?


While the pandemic rages on and our lives are disrupted by VDSM (Vaccine Differentiation Safety Measurements), confused by vaccine boosters and their various permutations to be considered vaccinated, prolonged work from home arrangements, etc., we might not notice how the entire world is shifting towards digitalization at breakneck speed. Unlike before, no one is paying attention to the moral and ethical issues that surround the topic of embarking on a digitalized/automated world, nor remembering the poverty that worsens day by day as the rich-poor divide continues to widen with the cataclysm of Covid-19 on the economy.

It is important to paused and withdraw from the noise of today, taking a look at what's going on around us as one humanity and seeing things from a larger picture.

Is the metaverse truly the only answer to our society right now?

What happens to those who are left out from it?

What happens to those who enter it?

Are there any long-term health and social implications when this is rolled out?

What role is the metaverse playing in this pandemic?

Why is transhumanism part of this picture?

When we start thinking about where we are about to head to, where the meaning of being human risks being rapidly degraded into a mere consciousness, do we realize how the choices we make today while in a state of panic might affect our tomorrow as one humanity?

Find out what transhumanism is, its origins and its future and start to question if this is truly a step forward for humanity or a regression.

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