War Against COVID-19: Weapon for COVID-19 Destruction (WCD) – The Ivermectin Journey


Singaporeans serve their patriotic duty by doing National Service, like some other countries, we understand weaponry for war in defense of our tiny island. This COVID-19 War is no different. However, despite the assertions of some experts that this is a war, they have been relentlessly trying to convince everyone that the vaccines are our only defense.

Pierre Kory said in an online March 18, 2021 press conference: "...we go to war with the evidence we have, not with the evidence we want." Wise words. No self-respecting armed forces will send the soldier to War saying: "Just use this, it may limit your injury and will likely save your life but we are not sure if we can stop every enemy." It borders on the ridiculous! There is an overwhelming need for a weapon that obliterates the COVID-19 virus completely, we need to trod wisely.

At the Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (March 18, 2021) conference convened by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), scientists and physicians from the US, UK, EU, South America, and Israel gathered to discuss about the latest data on how Ivermectin reduces positive COVID-19 cases in major cities across the world. These globally acknowledged experts, called for action to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic by immediately adopting policies that allow for the use of ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) are a team of doctors, scientists & researchers formed for the purpose of developing protocols & strategies for effective treatment of COVID-19 patients as Medical Practitioners. One such patient shares her exciting testimony in a video on the FLCCC Alliance website.

Patti Koopmans, a Medical Assistant in the US was 57 years old when she tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov 15, 2020. She had a medical history of asthma with a damaged right lung from birth, she was treated immediately with cortisol steroids. After 5 days into the infection, she was prescribed Ivermectin by her physician after experiencing a high fever. Despite only taking the last Ivermectin available from the local pharmacy, a partial dose... She experienced a 180-degree turnaround after only 8 hours after taking ivermectin, she literally snapped back to health. Patti Koopmans asserts:

"Ivermectin kicked COVID-19 out of my system"

While Patti's experience was remarkable, FLCCC Alliance has documented why the Ivermectin dosage is so very important as a prophylaxis, for early treatment, for those hospitalized & in recovery. For this reason: Even the best trials without such information from experts will result in the inconclusive outcome seen in the recent write-up in The Straits Times, Tuesday, June 8, 2021 A5 THE BIG STORY.

This is a summary of the Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (March 18, 2021) Conference & attempts to distill these experts' wisdom, experience & their extreme dedication to systematic review & study of the impact of a safe re-purposed anti-parasitic drug used for its anti-viral properties in this pandemic as a 'Weapon of Covid-19 Variants' Destruction'. Its success has been well documented, a Nobel Prize Winning drug, with as many as 3.7 billion doses or more dispensed over an almost 40-year period with an impeccable safety record that is in the Essential Medicine List of the World Health Organization. Our Collective Goal at the end of this reading should be to dovetail FLCCC Alliance's proposed effective protocols involving Ivermectin centrally with Singapore's existing measures locally to save ALL lives regardless of race, language or religion.

Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (March 18, 2021)

Panel's First Speaker: FLCCC Alliance's President & Chief Medical Officer, USA: "You go to war with the evidence you have, not the evidence you want" Dr Pierre Kory, MD, MPA - USA

In October 2020, Paul Marik's work with Ivermectin prompted a study of 27 trials to develop protocols & treatments. Epidemiological Studies by Juan Chamie underscored its overwhelming efficacy & potential as a global solution.

Ivermectin distribution in the population corresponded with plummeting excess death statistics in Lima & other states of Peru.


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