Dr Lynn Flynn: The new Pfizer Covid drug - NO THANKS


“The new Pfizer med.... quick snapshot.


It's really a combo drug.

The first protease inhibitor acts on 3CLpro which is the same protease ivermectin acts on. It also has a toxic HIV drug, ritinovir in it. NO THANKS

You'd do better taking HCQ/IVM. Much more active and better safety profile.

"Out of the 17 VNIs, only ombitasvir was able to partially block (65%) the 3CLpro enzymatic activity (Fig. 3). Interestingly, as shown in Fig. 4, out of 13 OTDs only ivermectin completely blocked (>80%) the 3CLpro activity at 50 µM concentration."

Ivermectin still rules.”

Source: https://t.me/DrLynnFynn