They Don’t Care About Us


By Cheah Kit Sun  

On 11 November, the Singapore government announced the latest round of revisions to its vaccine discrimination scheme. Claiming an end of the so-called 'stabilisation phase', Singapore is now in the 'transition phase'. Among other measures, groups of up to five fully vaccinated patrons may dine in at eateries with the ability to check and enforce vaccine status, wedding couples may take off their masks during solemnisation, and unvaccinated people will face even more restrictions.

Unvaccinated people may not visit hospitals and care homes outside of 'exceptional conditions' and there is no alternate fully vaccinated caregiver. Starting 1st December, All libraries under the National Library Board are closed to the unvaccinated. Some activities in community clubs and centres are also closed to the unvaccinated. From 1st January, unvaccinated individuals cannot enter a premise that performs vaccination checks even with a negative pre-event test.

The government has implemented a vaccine passport without calling it a vaccine passport. Unlike other countries that still accept negative Covid tests in lieu of vaccination, this is even stricter.

Expect things to get worse.

A week ago, the government stated that it will 'review' when a person's fully vaccinated status will expire. Under current laws, the status expires one year and fourteen days after the second shot. Now, the government is now accelerating the booster shot programme to five months after receiving the second dose, because protection wanes after six months, and because 'scientific communities' claim that the Covid-19 vaccination regime should be a three-dose regime. Israel is already ramping up for the fourth vaccine dose.

The implications should be obvious. The government is returning a tiny sliver of freedom to the people who made the choice they want, but will soon require the people to continue to comply to maintain that limited freedom. For those who do not comply, the government will continue to increase the pressure, and is no doubt eagerly studying events in Austria to see how a vaccine mandate will play out. After that, the government will then require all citizens to take the third shot to maintain the fully vaccinated status, and after that, the fourth and subsequent shots. No matter how many people take the shot, the government can impose restrictions, lockdowns and other measures any time they want.

And they do not want you to notice that under Singapore law, someone who has recovered from Covid is deemed protected for 270 days-over twice as long as the vaccine.

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny. Especially for a medical tyranny, one that claims to be exercised for the good of the people. Compliance tells the tyrant that he can continue to oppress you even more. Any return of your freedom will be highly limited, and contingent only on further compliance.

Worst of all, medical tyranny doesn't work.

We saw a huge spike in cases starting in September. Shortly after the first dip, the government announced vaccine discrimination measures, to begin on October 13...  

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