The Singapore Magnetic Report 2021


Some volunteers in Singapore came together to collate 40+ cases of magnetism occurring in the human body among people living in Singapore who took the Covid-19 vaccines in the year 2021.

These tests were done and designed along the way as the study developed, with testing equipment ranging from coins to multifield meters.

We thank all who participated in this study to help us verify if our earlier suspicions about the presence of graphene oxide and its other nanotechnology are truly present in the Covid-19 vaccines given to our fellow Singaporeans since January 2021.

We hope this study will be able to assist anyone out there who might be in need of this information to help shed greater light on the numerous sudden deaths, unexplainable injuries and illnesses that have afflicted the many trusting Singaporeans who went ahead to take the vaccines in hope of a safer tomorrow.

The study is now listed here publicly for all to read and share. Feel free to download it with the link below.