Tami's Testimony


A little testimony to share:

20 Aug 2010 was a very difficult day for me. It was the day I received news that I am diagnosed with stage 3C Melanoma, a rare type of aggressive skin cancer. I had to break the news to my mom on her birthday that very day.

My world shattered in a moment but God came closer than ever before. I had two surgeries to remove my primary tumour and infected lymph nodes on my thigh. I was unable to walk and was on the wheelchair for 3 mths.

Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise when the oncologist said he could not recommend me to take chemotherapy or radiation therapy as it had not worked on melanoma patients in 30 years. I was asked to go home and "wait"/ observe. A doctor friend encouraged me to live a "high quality life" (whatever that means...) with my remaining time.

I believe my body is a temple of God and I can do my best to care for myself with what God has provided in nature for healing. I'm thankful God led me to Aenon Health Care where I was introduced to holistic treatment using natural remedies. I am soaked in God's presence daily where Doctors and therapists prayed for me, encouraged me, share devotions and there was lots of unhurried time to pray. I am surprised no one ever told me how healthy eating and lifestyle (exercise and sleep) can reverse many chronic conditions today. Taking one month of antibiotics could not remove a stubborn lump as hard as stone on my thigh which the doctor could not exactly figure out what that is either, except it is caused by clotting after my surgery. At Aenon, the lump was gone after one night of activated charcoal wrap. I screamed in excitement the next day. With juicing, fasting, healthier diet and lifestyle, I felt stronger than I was before I had cancer. God used things He created in nature to heal me and He healed me supernaturally too. One day I had the vision of Jesus carrying a wounded sheep on his back and he said "you will walk again". I felt strength entering my body and I got out of my bed and started walking slowly when my wheelchair was still next to my bed. I never had the chance to use crutches after that.

Today, I appreciate that we cannot take life for granted. And I still believe in caring for my body and God has given us many healing foods in nature. Rest works wonders for the body and mind too (that has been challenging after I became a mom!). Today, CDC Covid-19 fatality stats suggests that 99% of those who died had underlying conditions, with diabetes and obesity being the top few. Most of them are also elderly. It's baffling to me when I saw an ad that vaccinated elderly can have free Fish and chips and all vaccinated to enjoy free Shake shake fries! How often do we hear the importance of nutrition, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vit D, exercise, rest, trust in God are wonderful ways to combat Covid-19? There are many leading physicians using combination repurposed drugs like ivermectin with supplements and nutritional foods today that has healed many covid-19 patients. Ivermectin is in WHO list of essential medicine, administered close to 4million doses in almost 40 years. It has an excellent track record of safety and even defeat Panadol and vitamin C! Some would call it a God-given wonder drug found in nature as it comes from a bacteria first found in Japan. Physicians in India, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Philippines who used ivermectin on COVID 19 patients tell amazing testimonies how it helped reduce infection, hospitalisation and death. The evil one seek to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give life that we may have it to the full (John 10:10)

With the added years God has given me and the remaining years He will grant me, I pray that I will never stop to be His watchman to those around me and help others to see what He is doing and saying today.

- Tami

Tami, together with a group of passionate local mummies, has been actively writing petitions and open letters to MOH in the last few months since the announcements on potential mandatory vaccinations to children in Singapore (some of her contributions include petition - Stop Needless and Risky Use of COVID-19 Vaccines on Our Children in Singapor and open letter - Inadequate Safety Evidence To Vaccinate Pregnant Women against Covid-19).