Summary of COVID-19 Cases as at 1 Oct 2021


1st Oct 2021: 

2,079 new cases in the community, 818 in the migrant worker dormitories and 12 imported cases.

With 82% of the population vaccinated, less people are supposed to get sick. This is supposed to cut down the need for hospital beds and alleviate the burden of the healthcare system.

Yet TTSH needed to open up a carpark as a standby ward. Not enough hospital beds islandwide and hence the Home Recovery scheme which has been a big mess.

Goes to show the failure of the vaccines to relieve the burden of the hospitals. Now they want more to go for booster shots which are not specific to the Delta Variant.

The FDA voted 16-2 AGAINST these shots for those under 64 yrs old because of a lack of trials and too many unanswered questions on vaccine injuries.

So why is the Singapore Govt pushing ahead with the boosters and endangering our people?