SG Cases In Last 28 Days (as of 18 July 21) 


Singapore Cases in the Last 28 Days

Source: MOH

As of 17 July, 73% of SG population were vaxed ( 47% fully vaxed & 26% partially vaxed). Yet, we are seeing more cases from the vaxed group. So the vaxed are equally guilty as the unvaxed in spreading infections, if not more! 

There is a growing discrimination in schools towards unvaxed students. I've heard parents complained of the pressure their children are facing in their schools. Peers and teachers wrongly believed that unvaxed students would spread Covid-19 to others. This belief is not based on real facts. 

Teenagers under 20 years old have a very, very low mortality rate of 0.005%. Those hospitalized or die, have morbidities or are obese ( CDC USA).