SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern and Variants Under Investigation in England Technical Briefing 21


Public Health England (PHE) has released their latest information on the Delta Variant today (data up to 15th August).

You can find their report here:

PHE Report (

PHE have confirmed 386k cases of the "Delta variant" since 1st February so about 60k cases a month in a population of over 56 million

The latest figures now show that you are more likely to die WITH the delta variant if injected.

In addition, the more doses and the longer since your injection the much more likely you are to die WITH the Delta variant if infected.

So those being injected are receiving no protection and all of the risks associated with the short and long term adverse reactions and even death from the Covid-19 experimental injections.

The raw data in the table above can be found on Page 22 (Table 5) of the PHE report