Sara's Dad, Age 80, Pfizer Dose


80 year old man with past medical history of blocked arteries but considered fit, took the 2nd jab of Pfizer on 1st May 2021. Two and a half weeks after the 2nd jab, he developed a heart attack which was complicated by a severe bacterial infection that led to an amputation of his leg after repeated surgeries and courses of antibiotics.

This victim is currently still hospitalized and family has yet to make a VIFAP application.

The daughter of this victim, Sara, has given consent to share their experience publicly. She also appeals to the public for assistance with helping her find a lower cost helper who might be either local or foreign, trained to assist with the disabled elderly/persons with dementia + light housework. She can be contacted at +65 98374357

Our team wishes Sara's dad a speedy recovery.

We also appeal to the public to assist where able so that this family may he find the help they need in these difficult times.