Public Response to MOH’s FB Post


Truthwarriors is a community repository of evidence-based information on global developments surrounding COVID-19. Our content is curated for vaccine-affected and COVID-concerned citizens as part of the online SG Suspected Vaccine Injuries and SG Covid La Kopi Telegram groups.

The fast evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for the general public to track emerging research and news on vaccine efficacy, risks, effects and alternatives from medical frontlines around the world. Truthwarriors republishes niche content including contrarian views from credible sources not often found on local mainstream media channels. All this enables a balanced and informed perspective to form on diverse issues surrounding vaccines and treatments.

We believe that informed consent is integral to each person's right of autonomy and deserves due protection as the standard of care and legal safeguard required in medical practice. This means a patient is made fully aware of all potential benefits and serious adverse outcomes of treatments such as experimental mRNA vaccines, even if risks are deemed very small. Unfortunately, many continue to be surprised by the onset of vaccine adverse reactions they had not been alerted to.

Truthwarriors supports each individual's informed choice in choosing or refusing any vaccine or treatment. We believe that each person who consents to an experimental vaccine arising from strong endorsement by the state and media should be readily provided with recovery support should they need it. Additionally there must be greater transparency and sharing of data including anonymous vaccine adverse event reports, cases and deaths by vaccination status, reinfections and PCR data.

Articles and statistics on Ivermectin reference the extensive work of research bodies such as the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD)[], Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)[], and the CovidAnalysis group []. CovidAnalysis is not partial to Ivermectin and tracks 28 of the most promising treatments, including Remdesivir, summarizing the results of over 1000 research papers.

If we consider the gold standard of clinical trials to be Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), we then see Ivermectin (ranked 8/28) with 30 RCTs, and Remdesivir (ranked 25/28) with 7 RCTs. Ivermectin has over 4 times the proper clinical trials to validate its higher efficacy than Remdesivir, an approved COVID19 treatment drug. This pattern of clinical evidence is further corroborated by the experience of national treatment plans outside of Singapore involving hundreds of millions of people.

In overseas trials, Ivermectin has been a demonstrably safe anti-viral treatment, working in combination with other drugs to produce a reversal in COVID19 cases and death counts in places like Indonesia (down 95% in 12 weeks), India (down 89% in 10 weeks), South Africa (down 85% in 5 weeks), Mexico (down 86% in 15 weeks), Czechia (down 97% in 15 weeks). We remain optimistic that with the proper dosage regimen, combination and supervision, it can also be effective here.

A national crisis demands a whole-of-society response. Coercive strategies can destroy rather than build trust, especially when the driving rationale is defective or carries a negative impact on certain groups. As active citizens in the community, we seek to join hands to ensure no one is left behind.