Pressing Need for mRNA Vaccines' Urgent Carcinogenicity and Genotoxicity Studies


To whom it may concern, 


We doctors and scientists from different countries and different backgrounds, signatories of this letter, are making a call to anyone in a position to request, require, mandate, decide or conduct carcinogenicity studies that have become essential and urgent. We offer this letter to health agencies, judges, lawyers, laboratories, universities or anyone in a position to make such independent studies happen. 

We understand this letter may be used in a court of law and are willing to provide explanations upon request. 

We are guided by scientific findings and the desire for safety of our fellow citizens. Such studies would enlighten the medical and scientific community about the risks and their amplitude, and would guide us to organize eventual early screening, mitigation actions and possible anticipation of dangers and their solutions. 

In this letter we explain why such SAFETY studies are needed, given ongoing massive vaccination campaigns. We also explain why new findings increase cause for concern. As such, it has become an absolute urgent necessity to conduct such studies. We have found cause for concern and require these studies to anticipate how large and how serious the risks may be, since no scientist or wise person can claim to know the future. Thus we need this information to prepare eventual mitigation scenarios and minimize impacts on peoples' health; to provide screening and protection to the vaccinated...