COVID-19 Vaccine and My Christian Faith


By Cynthia 

When our health ministry announced the vaccination campaign earlier this year, I was all prepared to get my shot. I did not bother to read into the details about the new vaccine and how it was developed in record speed. To be honest, I didn't care much about the safety and efficacy about the vaccine.

I had trusted in our national leaders and relied on our health authorities to do the studies and checks for us. What they say is safe should be safe, right? They are after all the experts and our gate keepers, right? Moreover, like many Singaporeans, I wanted to be able to have the freedom especially to travel overseas. Just get on with life, you know.

I did not pray about this issue as it was like a "no-brainer" to me that everyone should get the shot looking at the high mortality rates in countries like the US, Italy, Brazil and India (back then in April). People are collapsing and dying of the virus in front of your eyes. And due to the prolong lockdown, many people are suffering mentally. What other proof do you need?

Then things began to change for me in May.

Firstly, my mother asked me to reconsider my decision to get vaccinated. I immediately dismissed her because I know that she is just worried about side effects.

Thank God she's not insistent and leaves the decision to me. I instead told her that she should consider taking the vaccine for herself which she has been refusing. I was still planning to get it myself.

Then came another person who asked me to reconsider - nurse friend who encouraged me to pray about my decision. She also forwarded me a 22-page long paper by a South African Christian medical doctor named Michelle Strydom titled Official Warning About the Vaccine.

The first half of her paper explained the grave dangers of the vaccine which uses a new technology known as the mRNA (my first few times coming across this term) and the second half dealt with the issues of end times and her reading and interpretation of the signs of the current times which I only skimmed through. I'm sorry to say, but who has time for long papers in our busy and fast pace Singapore?

Through skimming her paper, I read terms associated with the "conspiracy theory" for the first time - depopulation, the Globalist, the Big Pharma, the use of 5G and nano technology for mass control of the world. I was disturbed by her paper to say the least. As for her interpretation of the signs of times, I kept it at the back of my mind.

To verify its content, I forwarded it to my GP who is a fellow believer. He said, "Given current situation, ignore this. Whoever wrote this should go to India now and help the doc, without vaccine and wearing any mask". He also didn't finish reading the paper either as it was too long, he said.

Should I believe what Dr Strydom said or what my GP advised? I thought I would largely agree with my GP while at the same time try to read up more about the pandemic and the mRNA vaccine.

Soon, I read and heard a lot from both main stream and non-main stream media about the pandemic and the vaccine. I shall highlight just two findings which can be found in the main stream media.

Firstly, the Pfizer-BioNTech's fact sheet.

Here are three main the points that were disconcerting to me (highlights mine):

1)   First, the manufacturer states that "the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19." It is instead only authorised under emergency use.

2)   It further states after a list of side effects that "these may not be all the possible side effects of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Serious and unexpected side effects may occur. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials."

3)   "The duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown."

Obviously, these statements are meant to protect the manufacturer from any legal responsibilities in the event of adverse reaction from the shots. Nevertheless, I still appreciate them for being upfront! Both Pfizer and Moderna have the same fact sheet.

A big question then loomed on my mind - why are we mass vaccinating people with a vaccine that is unapproved and still undergoing clinical trials?

If we take it, aren't we effectively being enrolled as trial subjects in this big experiment?

Yet, nobody told me that! I didn't sign up to be a trial subject when I register myself for the shot with MOH, did I?

When I look up the MOH's website, there is nothing about the fact that these vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials. Why the lack of transparency on the part of our health authorities? Why are they not at least acknowledging the unknowns as stated in Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna's fact sheet?

Many of us had thought: surely our authorities would not encourage us to go for something which they do not yet know the long term effects? Surely they would not say that something is safe when the manufacturer themselves did not say so? What's happening here?

Instead, what we have been told repeatedly by the authorities is that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risk. Does it? Currently (as of 16 Aug 2021), we have 66,225 people who have been infected out of which 44 have died. This is a mortality rate of 0.06%.

When I compare this percentage with the risk of an unproven and unapproved vaccine of which we do not know both the short and long term effects on our body and the duration of the protection it can offer, I cannot help but question our authorities' risk-benefit analysis and the strong push for mass vaccination.

Another issue I read about in main stream media is the use of Ivermectin and other drugs to treat COVID-19 in countries like India and Brazil. These are cheap, off patent drugs which can be easily available and have brought down the cases of infection and death in these countries. Why do we not hear discussion about treatment and public education on prevention, besides the loud message to get the shot?

As a followers of Christ, I know that we are called to be selfless and to love others as we love ourselves. The call has been given by some church leaders to get the shot so as to protect the vulnerable who may not be able to get the shot but their health would be compromised should they get infected.

I also understand that ultimately, our trust is in the Lord to protect and watch over us, with or without the vaccine. Our lives are in His loving hands. Our hope is in Christ alone.

However, the Bible also teaches that we are to be good stewards of our body, which is the temple of the Lord. We need to do due diligence to find out what is being injected into our bodies, the effects on our bodies both short and long term. We cannot be lazy and apathetic about what is going on.

I do not see how wanting to find out more is being selfish and unloving to others and not trusting God. Should we not use the mental capacity given by our Lord to think through for ourselves if something is good or questionable? And with all due respect to our health authorities, we need to raise questions and doubts instead of doing what the majority are doing.