Michael Yong, Age 46, Moderna Dose


πŸ“£ Fund-raising for Micheal Yong's Family πŸ“£

Dear all,

As you may all be very familiar already, one of our vaccine victims Micheal Yong has been hospitalized for 3 months since losing controls of his lower body after his 2nd dose of the Moderna jab. You can read about his story here: https://t.me/SGVaccineInjuries/350

As a result of losing his ability to work, Micheal and his family will be having a total of SGD$35,000 worth of bills to pay (housing rent, school fees, medical bills) after CPF deductions. This excludes their daily living expenses and miscellaneous bills.

His wife has reached out to us to help assist with crowd funding as they have 3 schooling children and rent to pay. The family is a PR here in Singapore (Michael is from Ipoh πŸ‡±πŸ‡· and his wife is from Hong Kong πŸ‡­πŸ‡°) and their chidlrens' school fees and medical bills are much higher than what Singaporeans have to pay. As you all would have known by now, most serious permanent injuries arising after taking the jab do not receive VIFAP payout. We still wish him the best and hope the Govt give him due compensation of VIFAP.

Regardless, we unite as one people to provide where our system has failed to and we ask that our members here may donate generously to this family.


The following bank account and paynow number belongs to Michael's wife and we are only assisting with communications and advice. The owner and admins of this telegram group (@sgvaccineinjuries) will NOT benefit financially from this fund-raising effort in any way.

DBS Account: 120-890010-9

Paynow: 83741529

Thank you and we hope to see the generous πŸ’– and united 🀝 side of Singapore as we know of ourselves to be.

With you in the truth,

Team SG Suspected Vaccine Injuries

posted 23 July 2021

Micheal Yong, a 46 year old male on medication for hypertension, diabetes & high cholesterol, took the Moderna jab 2nd dose on 1 May. On 3 May, started having fever and rested for 3 days. On 6 May, admitted to ICU, couldn't remember anything till 20 May. (He was fine after the 1st dose).

He doesn't have much feeling for the lower half of his body, to the extent that he needs a urinary catheter and can only partially feel his bowel movements. He was discharged from KTP hospital on 8 July, with a 64-day hospital bill of around 120K. He has been transferred to a community hospital and his bill continues to pile up. He is trying hard to exercise his lower body so that at least he can sit on wheelchair. Currently he can only lie in bed.

He applied for VIFAP with help from social worker and hospital but no reply so far. His medical record has mRNA-1273 (Moderna CV19 Vaccine) as an allergy. He is in a desperate situation as he can't work and the bills are piling up.

We will continue to support the Yong family best we can.

Above screenshot of Michael's commented on Minister Ong Ye Kung's FB post