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Thank you for taking time to write in to express your views, concern and support. We are pleasantly surprised and greatly appreciative!  This is a collection of some responses from members of public who have given us permission to post it here.  

19 Oct 2021

Thank you MOH...I now discover Truth Warriors

Because MOH issued a public statement, I now discovered Truth Warriors. I have been on EDMW but it is a different forum with no serious focus on Covid.

I am neither pro nor anti vaccines. I will take Sinopharm only because I need it for international business travel. I am not relying on any vaccines to protect me. I am on an ancient therapy that has protected me from Cancer, diabetes and thousands of other diseases. Not even a flu for 22 years.

I have been reading widely about Covid issues and a quick browsing of your excellent websites shows you have all the articles I have read.

Truth Warriors is passive, not confrontational, will avoid sharp criticism of the Government or condemning the MOH, the Ministers, etc. It is to put out information from global resources that challenge the dogma of WHO, Big Pharma and Governments.

In the end, it is up to each Government, each individual to take the appropriate action to protect health and lives.

Based on my extensive reading...

- Singapore may face a potential disaster if the dire predictions of Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Prod Luc Montainer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, etc. come true.

- The disaster may unfold from 2022 over several years. 4.5 million are vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna. How many will suffer injuries and even fatalities is for Nature to decide.

- The implications are enormous...

a. The Government may suffer a big backlash as the public will react

b. Who will protect Singapore if the SAF, Police, Utilities, Banking and many essential services are affected? You cannot replace skilled manpower without years of training and experience.

c. Impact to male fertility is already predicted. Will the population of Singapore be able to increase? One expert already predicted erectile dysfunction for males.

- When people see their loved ones die or suffer crippling injuries, the gossip grapevine will circulate the news. Telegram groups already broadcast plenty of news.

Nature will be delivering the verdict. Who is correct...The dissident scientists or WHO, Big Pharma and Governments. There is no middle-ground. It is either the scientists are correct or are wrong. It is about cell biology and about Nature.

I fear for Singapore's future. With 85% vaccinated and another 10% perhaps of those under 12, there is no safety net to support Singapore.

I am reading much about Ivermectin, one drug that does a lot in inhibiting the SARS CoV2 virus. I was listening to Dr. Ryan Cole. He described in detail the many mechanisms whereby Ivermectin will stop the virus in several ways.

There is also a Chinese herb that is getting popular. There are mitigating solutions.

While mRNA may be creating blood clots, and may trigger adverse events in major organs, I think the trigger will be from future waves of the SARs CoV2 variants. That triggers the cytokine storms or autoimmune response.

So, preventing or inhibiting the onset of rapid infection by the Covid-19 virus may help prevent the cascade of events that can lead to autoimmune response.

- Why is the Government not setting up a Public-Government group to examine the merits of Ivermectin?

- Why is the Committee of experts not in contact with a long list of overseas experts who are very public in putting out their alternative views, who are challenging the position of WHO.

- Why is the Committee of experts not refuting positions expressed by dissident scientists?

- Why are there no detailed data issued for vaccine related injuries in Singapore?

- What is the scientific basis for crowd restrictions for dining-in, restrictions on unvaccinated that is now a small minority, if we exclude those house-bound due to old age and infirmities, those below 12 years old, etc.?

An Open Letter to ask Why, When, What and How is approriate.

We are not the Government of Singapore. We do not set policies nor even be able to debate in Parliament. We are just concerned citizens and residents, with a wholesome interest for the future wellbeing of Singapore. As such, our position is to be constructive.

We are not here to condemn, to impute corruption, wrong-doing or such things. We are asking constructively. The Government can ignore us or they may selectively respond to us.

We quote overseas data as a support for our views. We are not challenging their decisions, formenting civil disobedience or even instigating the public into action.

We compile concerns from citizens and residents and we present them via your website. 

By anonymous

19th October 2021

To warn of possible disaster for Spore is valid comment


On EDMW, I have repeatedly warned about impending disaster for Spore based on dire forecasts from

- Dr. Judy Mikovits ( 50 million Americans will die)

- Prof Luc Montaigner, discoverer of HIV and Nobel winner ( ALL will die)

- Dr. Mike Yeadon, ex-VP and ex-Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer ( disaster coming)

- Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, renowned Thai-German epidemiologist ( disaster coming. Never take the booters)

- Prof Geert van den Bossche, Belgian vaccinologist ( virus will mutate further, etc.)

- Others

Should Singapore be in complete denial, not even debating with these experts, not even exploring in-depth their scientific opinions? These are experts not lay persons.

Singapore authorities have a duty to take all measures, consider all expert opinions, to plan for all disaster scenarios, etc. These are questions that can mean the very survival of Singapore. It is about statistical probability....will Singapore be an exception when the USA, UK and EU are having data that shows widespread injuries and death?

40 countries have shown a sharp rise in cases and fatalities when mass vaccination progressed. Singapore is exactly behaving like those countries. The big wave of cases and deaths have yet to peak for some weeks.

If Singapore will not be an exception, then if the dire predictions of experts come true, Singapore will definitely not escape.

It is a big Unknown. Either the dissident experts now numbering by the dozens are ALL wrong or they are ALL correct. There is no compromise as it is about Nature, about the body cells. No one can be 100% accurate and hence the big risk. Singapore should be cautious about stating...No Worries...the vaccines are definitely safe.

By anonymous

19th October 2021

Not possible that MOH panel of experts do not know this website..


I reserve my harshest criticism for our panel of experts. They are skewed toward WHO doctrine.

MOH depends on their wisdom and recommendations.

We are entitled to our opinions. Some of us read widely. Internet is not restricted. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can censor and suppress but the Internet remains a domain of freedom for those who are bringing out news of suffering, news of those who are performing better when unvaccinated.

"Vaccines are safe" will be the statement that may boomerang on the Government.. Nature will deliver its verdict.

By anonymous

19th October 2021

Spore on USA's highest Covid risk country risk



What a vast change from October 2020, when no vaccines existed. Today with 85% fully vaccinated, we are placed on the list of countries deemed the highest Covid risk.

Proves the point that Singapore will not be an exception. Nature will deliver its verdict. I fear the future is even more terrible when the microscopic blood clots starts to give major problems to those vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna.

This issue is about solid science, not lay person's idle speculation. It is about the future of Singapore, its well-being and even its survival.

Why is MOH no longer giving data on % of vaccinated vs unvaccinated for total current infected cases? The grapevine is that there are far more vaccinated than unvaccinated who are infected. 

By anonymous

20th October 2021

True blue retired Singaporeans can broadcast such news...



If I write to the Government, it is with respect, carefully worded and often constructive. And topics are more than just about Covid.

The idea is to urge Government and Society to be open-minded. Covid is not a lame disease. It is a vicious disease akin to SARS in the late stage. It kills. However, Covid is also very treatable in the first ten days. Almost 100% do not emerge from ICU alive...my guesswork using superficial observation of the data. MOH has not revealed the data and when they are silent, it also means the data is unfavourable.

The Government needs to push on Effective Early Treatments and there are published success stories by many doctors in USA, Africa, India and Europe. Vaccines are proven to be toxic, to be able to cause vast numbers of injuries and deaths but most governments continue with the WHO general doctrines of lockdowns, social restrictions and failure to accept commonly used and patent-expired medicine. And continue to push for vaccines. Big Pharma continues with their claims that they have the answers via the next booster.

There is confusion, controversies and conspiracies galore in Covid crisis. The chief conspiracy theory is the Great Reset said to be planned and promoted by Fauci, Gates, Schwab and some mega foundations. There is an accusation that WHO is funded and influenced by Bill Gates, etc.

The world is not emerging well from Covid. Some European and tourism countries have had enough of the misery and are opening up. Some countries like India have remarkable success with Ivermectin and use of repurposed drugs. India will not lkely return to a Covid crisis as Ivermectin and prophylactic treatments are the answers and Nature has given its thumbs up to India. Possibly to Indonesia too.

Singapore is caught in a dilemma. It keeps insisting that vaccines are safe. Now it no longer can state vaccines are effective and so pushing for boosters is the current policy.

My reason for vaccine hesitation is that I am very healthy and my casual observation is that the very healthy can generate a fatal response to vaccination...any vaccination though I only read of one death under Sinopharm.

I will probably go for an antibody test before I vaccinate. I may have had a silent Covid episode and may have recovered. Hence, I may already be having Covid antibodies. Spending some money to be ultra safe is worth it. It is about Life and Death. Vaccination especially with Pfizer and Moderna, after recovery from Covid, can be fatal.

By anonymous 

20th October 2021

Fear of Government cannot be the reason for giving up self-protection


I am very encouraged that there are many talk shows in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe challenging the current WHO-led doctrines about Covid. I am against violent, noisy protests and clashing with the Police etc. Western societies have their norms about personal freedom and I can understand that it is very much part of their culture.

I am seeing many medical professionals putting their jobs on the line. They are not quitting their medical careers, not going to jail. They are just deciding that saving lives including their own will mean sacrifices.


I am analytical but not using statistics and exotic analytical tools. I view Nature as being that big force that governs everything. In Covid, I see Father Time as the blessings. With each passing month, Nature is gradually delivering its message. Either the vaccines are doing good or doing much harm. And Nature is very unforgiving...if it is harmful, then it will show up. No amount of Government laws and actions can triumph over Nature.

I am fascinated by Nature as I see Nature in my work....gravity, force, reactions, etc. I deep dived into microbiology myself two years ago as I desired to understand how Nature works in ourselves. Then came Covid and my increasing understanding of the intricacies of cell biology came in very useful.

Encouraging an open discussion is not my sole mission in life. Looking after myself, preserving my health and life is my focus. If others decide differently, it is all right as it is their choice, their lives too. So, in this way, I can balance between advocacy and knowing my limits. I can detach myself from becoming too emotional and too attached to pushing a line of action.

I hope everyone does the same.... Draw your own lines. Never become embroiled into a passionate struggle. Look after yourself and your loved ones. Even then, your loved ones may be too brainwashed by mass media, by the Government version of what Covid should be and will be.

Nature reigns supreme...from volcanoes, to typhoons, earthquakes to Covid. It is about Nature. Mankind is nothing when it comes to confronting Nature.

Nature will always triumph. Handle it well, it will come out well. Fighting is futile. Coping and co-existing with Nature is always the solution. I see that everyday as I go outdoors and observe the plants, the sky, the creatures. How many have that wisdom?

By anonymous 

20th October 2021

This is alarming....Losing 100% of the immune capacity due to vaccines



I read calmly with an open mind.


Everybody over 30 will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (certainly for Covid and most likely for viruses and certain cancers - following the evidence from Cole Diagnostics in Idaho and Dr Nathan Thompson) within 16 weeks.

Doubly vaccinated 30-59 year olds will have lost it by Christmas. These people will then have no immune defence to Covid at all. The question then becomes how much of the immune system is involved in defending against Covid? The worst case scenario is that they effectively have full blown AIDS and destroy the NHS.
Unless a cure is found quickly they may well die (as occurred at the start of the AIDS epidemic).

25th October 2021

Dear SG Vaccine Injury Group,

Some thoughts are below,

1. Vindictive behaviour concealed in incomprehensible reasoning: Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung vindictively metes out punitive measures on a section of their own population for not taking mRNA vaccines that they tout.

If anyone wish to take the other approved non-mRNA vaccine, Sinovac, they are forced to take three doses as announced on 23 October 2021. This contrasts with the two doses that are demanded for the mRNA vaccines.

The reason they cite for this coercion with three doses for Sinovac is that it has a reduced efficacy against infection.

The irony is, as well known to Singaporeans, the promised efficacy of mRNA vaccines doesn't hold after couple of months since the date of inoculation. This is the premise for their ardent campaign for boosters. Most of the vaccinated population in Singapore have been forced with mRNA vaccines through the National Vaccination Program (NVP). The increase in the number of cases and deaths with time attest this falling efficacy of these vaccines (since the date of inoculation).

Do you understand the irony? When facing the criticism of the diminished efficacy of mRNA vaccines, these government salesperson ministers issue statements after statement that they prevent severity of infection, but when comes to the case of Sinovac, they talk about the efficacy of Sinovac. This is purely spiteful action on the population for not listening to their sermon.

2. Double standard approach with respect to Sinovac towards foreigners and Singaporeans:

Everywhere in the globe the Sinovac vaccine is being administered only in two doses. As announced on 23 October 2021, the Singapore government imposes 3 doses of Sinovac, if the unvaccinated population wishes to take this vaccine opposed to their touted mRNA brands Pfizer and Moderna.

However, the Singapore ministries don't have a problem opening Singapore to the foreign visitors (including from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh) that are vaccinated with only two doses of Sinovac.

What a blatant grudge against the local population that are unheeding to their sermons.

3. Right to defer vaccination or to not vaccinate self: Since the spread and infections are possible through both vaccinated and unvaccinated, there is no premise to force vaccination on the unwilling given that the personal decision of an individual affects only the self.

By anonymous

25th October 2021

"Keep Up Your Work - You are the Hero"

Dear Truth Warriors,

I read with shock that the government is taking down your website. I only discovered your website when the strait Time reported the news. I was standing alone and now so excited and happy to found you and cheers to you that you have put in so much effort to keep the people informed. I do not use Twister and FB, hence didn't know such a great warrior exist to fight with tyrant politics. I have read a shocking news yesterday of a 54 year old manager who worked for Jean Yip passed away after 12 days of booster.

Some attachment from FLCCC and Association of American Physician and Surgeons (lead by Dr Peter McCullough, https://www.bitchute.com/video/OoU7kr6jisqp/

Some reading maybe useful for your website:

https://www.juliusruechel.com/2021/09/the-snake-oil-salesmen-and-covid-zero.html - extracted sharing from the website :

Tom BankerJun 23 shared:

Mr. Ruechel, thanks very much for condensing your investigative report here. It's much more effective to spread the word about my own thoughts on Covid and its experimental vaccine.


For more evidence about the efficacy of PCR covid tests:


And this is his latest update:


Julius RuechelJun replied:

Hi Tom, thanks for the links! I fully agree with your concerns about the PCR test; I feel the same way. It seems to produce a huge number of false positives, the high cycle threshold produces meaningless results, and the PCR test is not an appropriate way to assign cause of death. The PCR test was not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool; it was designed as a diagnostic aid, to be followed up via laboratory testing, and only for testing symptomatic cases, not for population-wide testing of asymptomatic people.

All those issues with PCR testing make the story for the government even worse. However, they are unfortunately all issues were there is a lot of debate, so I focused on simply using publicly available data for my report - the government's own official data - to tell the story since they can't really deny these numbers since they are their own numbers. And even then, without addressing the misuse of the test or all the false positives, the evidence is damning. The year-over-year mortality data, for example, provides an indication of just how useless the PCR test has been at assigning cause of death.

Graphene Oxide in vaccine is toxin

From Associate Professor of viral Immunology


All of the medical communities know the important of early treatment, but where? None despite its been proven works and save life! Only the so called mRNA "vaccine" (does not fit the definition of vaccine) with so much controversial of injury and much more dangerous long term side effects are promoted and forced to the population.


Merck originally produced ivermectin, but their patent ran out decades ago, it s now produced widely across the world by many manufacturers and is extremely inexpensive to make, hence now ivermectin is labeled as unsafe after years of using this wonder drug by Merck? Now a new drug Molnupiravir also manufactured by Merck is considered safe but the cost is tremendously high. Most of the positive patients are kept at home, only monitoring ... until their symptoms become severe, only allow to visit dr. Most death are due to late treatment .



AAPS 78th Annual Meeting Recap & Video - I will forward a email from these group of brilliant, brave medical community form AAPS.

Thank you for reading my email and we must stand firm to fight the "mandatory" vaccination.

Warmest Regards,