Jo-Ann's Brother-in-law, Age 48, Moderna Dose


Jo-ann Tan's brother-in-law, 48 year old, had his first Covid vaccination on 18 April 2021. He was fine until 6 hours later, he contacted his family that he was feeling very weak and giddy. As he was too weak to be moved, an ambulance was called in.

Upon admission to Changi General Hospital (CGH), his family was informed that he suffered a stroke and both his vision were lost and it is unknown if it was temporary or permanent. His health condition deteriorated further and was moved to the MICU the same night.

On 20 April, he suffered his third stroke while still on endotracheal tube and heavily drugged. The same evening, the doctor informed that his condition has worsened and for all immediate family members to visit him immediately. A decision was required for him to undergo an emergency brain operation to reduce the pressure on his head. Risk was 30% but thankfully the operation was a success! 

The family felt extreme stress, distraught and alone in the process. They wished someone from the hospital support team could help them and was only told that MOH was informed. Jo-Ann contacted the Covid Vaccination Emergency hotline for assistance and was asked to raised an issue ticket with Health Science Authority. To qualify for the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistant Programme (VIFAP) , it must be assessed by a doctor to be linked to the individual's COVID-19 vaccination. 

On 23 April, a CGH spokesperson, in response to queries from 8World News, said that preliminary investigations found that his condition was not caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. Jo-Ann tried reaching out to the MPs and only one asked for her email with no further action. She was disappointed with the response that stroke and cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and no further investigation was done to determine if her brother-in-law's case could belong to the minority group of adverse vaccine reaction.    

On 3 June, Jo-Ann visited her brother-in-law and saw a bloodstain on his left index finger and found a stained pillow. Doctors were alerted and nurses took photos of the operated scar area on his head. On the morning of 4th June, she was told that her brother-in-law had to go for a CT Brain scan. After an hour, another doctor called her to inform her that they discovered a new stroke and were sending him back to the Neuro HD. This was his 4th stroke. When she visited him that night, he looked so pale. His fever was at 39.9 degrees.

The next day, on 5 June at 12pm, she received a message from her family members that her brother-in-law changed wards and is at ICU now. Within the next 30 min, she was told he needed to go for an operation. Later that evening, Jo-Ann saw her brother-in-law in ICU, with life support and laying motionlessly. He was non-responsive when she called out to him. 

Ever since he suffered a stroke, Jo-Ann was in every step of the journey with her brother-in-law. Seeing him in this state, grieved her heart deeply. She is unable to reconcile the fact that from a blood stained pillow on Thursdays transpired to an emergency life saving operation on Saturday and now, ICU. As of 5 June, Jo-Ann still waits for an update from the neuro doctor. 

For now, the family is worried about the mounting medical bills, the uncertainty of his recovery and whether he could ever work again. The journey is exhausting and they have yet to see the light.  

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