Is there nanotech in the shots?


Among many of what people consider 'conspiracy theory', one of the most bewildering theories for most people to accept true is the concept of the shots potentially harboring self-assembling nanotech that will eventually allow one to be remotely controlled by another.

With growing evidence of what's actually in the Covid-19 vaccine shots, our team stumbled across the following article saved in an archive for safe-keeping:

TLDR: Scroll through the article quickly and you will see images of gradually growing circuit boards. The context of where it is being imaged from are droplets of Covid-19 vaccines left on sheets of imaging glass exposed to room temperature and light for several minutes to hours. Essentially, what you're seeing is what might happen within the body of a vaccinated person after receiving a shot or more.

We would hate to spoil your surprise so we do hope that you would head over that this article to find out more yourself... and if you need somewhere to discuss this, feel free to pop by one of our telegram channels at @sgthemagneticgroup (where we present more than 50 cases of magnetized local Singaporeans) to ask those burning questions.