Interview with Charlene On Her Journey from Injury Towards Recovery


By Sea of Righteousness Arise 

Here's my zoom session with Charlene and other vax injured. They are not the taboos of society. But when we refuse to talk about them, we refuse to acknowledge them. Their injuries are not just physical, but psychological. The rejection, the labelling by society, the no-jab-no job-no exemption pressures they continue to face, piled upon their medical condition, justifies them as the modern "wounded man" of the good Samaritan parable. Don't pass them by. Share their stories. Tear down the walls of apathy.

By Goh Meng Seng, 4 Jun 2022 

Story of Charlene Lin - Recovery from V Injury

Charlene Lin is the Inspirational Iconic figure of the V Injured group who managed to find the Right Treatment Protocol for her own recovery. 

 She is ready to Share her Story of Success in Recovery from a Near Paralysis right after her first J. 

This is NOT an Expert View nor a Medical Advice to anyone but Purely a sharing session. Each Injury is Unique in certain ways and there is no One Size Fits All Treatment Solution to everyone. 

This is just meant to be Sharing of Experience as an Inspirational Motivation to many people out there who may feel extremely depressed after suffering different degree of V Injuries. 

Do not Give Up. There is REALLY HOPE for you out there, you just need to SEEK Help, do your own read up and consult the right persons and doctors. 

If Charlene Lin who had suffered one of the most devastating injuries of near paralysis for her whole life, could recover with some alternative treatments, so can you. As long as you have a single breath left, you will have Hope. 

 There are basically a few areas of treatments you may need look into: 

1) Massive Micro Blood Clot is one of the Fundamental cause of injuries. 

 2) Injuries to different parts, sometimes multiple parts of your body or organs. You will have to tackle them one by one. 

3) You will have to deal with the S toxins running around your body. As Charlene is facing more of her neuro problems, she has calibrated her combination of supplements to deal with such injuries. 

 With some consultation and help from experienced people all around the world, she has created her own "Devax Supplements Set" catering to her own needs only. 

There are other "non-mainstream" Alternative Therapies she has taken which works for her very well. 

Join her Telegram Group for all the sharing of experience. Different people are built differently with difference in body constitutions. You may not be suitable for any of the supplements or alternative treatments mentioned in this video. Get your own consultation. 

I had a Special Wonderful Live Chat with Charlene Lin, the first Prominent V Injured person in SG! She has fought against injustice, malign, incompetence and worse, misdiagnosis, in her own words, gaslighting her as having hallucinations about her injuries! 

When I got to know about her case, I was very sad because this is a young life in paralysis. She has a whole life ahead of her! The denial of her injuries is rather devastating and unfair. They couldn't find any excuse except a misdiagnosis of a rare genetic problem which was debunked by second opinion from private doctor! 

She managed to get herself together and with the help of her group of friends, she managed to find an effective Treatment Protocol for her injuries! She brings hope to all those V injured people in SG and around the world, who were brushed aside as the evidence of the inconvenient truths! 

I have focused on her recovery path and the Hope she will bring to others who have faced V injuries which the establishment is totally clueless on how to treat them. Let the Recovery Journey begin! 

Disclaimer:  There is NO Expert or Professional Opinions given in this Video. This is Purely a sharing of a FACTUAL Experience which Charlene Lin had for the past one and half year. Please consult your own Experts, Doctors or do your own research for further understanding of the topic.