How to Kill Morgellon Fibers and remove them from your Body


There have been observations from the ground mostly from the western parts of the world including Russia, that microscopic metallic worm-like structures exist in our face masks and potentially in swab sticks (used in ART or PCR tests). These 'worms' are called known to be Morgellon fibers and have the ability to replicate in our bodies and carry therapeutic medication into our bloodstream when allowed to come in contact with our body's tissues. 

Apparently, Morgellons Disease has been documented for many years prior to Covid-19. Scientists studying this nanotech have recommended relying on one's natural immunity to defend against them as they have already become part and parcel of our everyday environment and food.

While none of our team here at Truthwarriors have had first-hand experience in witnessing a Morgellon worm in action, we came across a simple home remedy that claims to expulse it out of one's body in the following video. It's a harmless remedy and we'll just put it out here, until we find more info about the Morgellons to debunk this...