Explainer: Where Singapore Stands in its Fight Against Covid-19 and Why a Mindset Shift is Needed


TODAY, 27 SEP 2021 

SINGAPORE - On Friday (Sept 24), the Government announced a tightening of restrictions as a surge in Covid-19 cases in the last few weeks had led to "tremendous pressure" on the healthcare system.

Social gatherings and dining-in being limited to a maximum of two people are among a slew of measures that will be implemented for the next one month from Monday to reduce the rate of transmission.

The tighter restrictions have thrown a spanner in the works as Singapore transitions to living with an endemic Covid-19.

Beyond government policies, however, infectious diseases experts say that there is a need for a mindset shift with regard to Covid-19, and a change in the messaging about how deadly the disease is.

There should also be more personal responsibility, and one way the population can exercise that is to self-isolate and monitor one's conditions at home, instead of seeing the hospital as the first port of call.

This will help prevent hospital resources from being overwhelmed, allowing healthcare to be focused on seriously ill patients.

TODAY explains the importance of the public taking greater personal responsibility and how the population should rethink its relationship with this disease.

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