An Open Letter by a Singaporean Doctor to All Worried Parents


To: Worried Parents/family/friends

An Open letter by a Singaporean Doctor.

[Please READ DISCLAIMER at end of letter]

Dear Worried Parents,

RE: PLEASE STAY CALM, there is no need to rush. [PLEASE WAIT]

According to some of our local media reports, many worried parents are rushing to mRNAing your child due to the Covid-19, Variants of concern or VOCs/Delta.

The following REALLY important points, for you to pause and ponder:

1. So far, there is no Evidence that VOCs are making Singaporean Children any sicker than the seasonal common cold. Please see the comments on VOC/s by Professor Lisa Ng, on the links below. 

2. The VOC deaths of children in other countries should not frighten/panic parents here, as we do have easy access to Wards/ICUs. Singapore is very blessed and unique.

3. Although vaccination has not caused a kind of allergic reaction called ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) now. There is a possibility that this type of allergy can develop in the future as the SARS COV2 virus is rapidly mutating. If that rare event happens, then children who would otherwise have had the usual mild SARS COV2 infection may develop serious disease instead. The situation is analogous to dengue hemorrhagic fever where initial infection with one strain sensitizes the patient to another strain. We know ADE is not a problem with the current strain, future strains causing ADE is always a possibility and a mystery.

4. The Philippines is currently investigating a Rushed Child vaccine called Dengvaxia, up to 600 Children may have been killed by post-vaccination ADE.

5. Approximately 800,000 schoolchildren received the Dengvaxia vaccine and benefit from the protection it grants against dengue fever. However, around 10% of those who had not had dengue fever before are at risk of severe infection because of the vaccine. (Refer to link/s)

6. Singapore [ABSOLUTELY] does not have a Children Emergency to justify Parents rushing their Child to take a Vaccine, which is missing a 5-year study. The Covid-19 Mutations are frequent and dynamic, and ADE data is very lacking on future strains.

7. With new mutations, the current safety data on ADE is MEANINGLESS for future Mutants. Patience and prudence could save your Child's life. Once your child is vaccinated, there is no undo button.

8. Singapore is UNIQUE. We seem to be the only Nation that is able to keep the VOC/Delta from getting out of control. Thank you, PM and MTF.

9. This has resulted in NO CHILDREN EMERGENCY. If there is No Emergency, why do we need an Emergency Authorization to rush and take a senseless risk?

10. The Emergency use authorization by FDA Under section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, should not apply HERE because Singapore is unique.

11. Let us wait for a 5-Year Study, leveraging the lesson we have learned from the Dengvaxia disaster.

12. We should only rush a Vaccine, only if there is a GENUINE Emergency. Spare your healthy child from a Rushed-Vaccine.

Yours Sincerely,

Singaporean Doctor

PS:[ Would you allow your child to fly 5 hours on an experimental plane, which is rated safe for only one hour? ]


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