Choosing Among the Unapproved

by Concerned but Positive Lioness

Ohhkayyy.. I get it on Ivermectin (IVM).. but poster got me thinking MORE QUESTIONS.

While MOH busy throwing shade, can we reflect on own backyard?

1. "IVM is not anti-viral medicine"

My trusty umbrella is not an approved UV shield device but it can shield the sunrays.

My umbrella got UV shield properties hor? So IVM, while not an anti-viral medication, got anti-viral properties anot?

2. "IVM is not approved by HSA for preventing or treating COVID-19"

Which available therapeutic is approved then?

Looked up Pfizer factsheet for Recipients (v. 13 Jul 2021) and for Healthcare Providers (v. 25 Aug 2021) [below]. Left out Moderna - think no need to waste time now with news from Nordic countries? We lions stick only with perceived winners, eh ? But, are the vaccines ALL also unapproved?

Since cannot eat non-legit to be strong, they ask me poke arm to join gang in their backyard leh. They say may prevent bullies and but say NO gangs are approved to take the mafia down. They tell doctor to remind me may result in DEATH.

Wah I scared, can don't join unapproved gang and don't poke arm? I obediently never eat non-approved as not sure will be strong, but I also don't want to poke and draw blood for unapproved to waste. How ah, am I then APPROVED? Can still go jalan in mall? Can keep job? Maybe I need another umbrella for rainy days.

3. "There is no scientific evidence to demonstrate that IVM is effective against COVID-19"

British Medical Journal 2021;375 :n2635 - "Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer's pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight."

Left I look no good, Right I look also a bit jialat. Dunno whether they investigating "scientific" data legit a not? Lion City supposed to pay smart, honest people double reward for double competency; so we got NO double standards right ? Trust in us - Cheap umbrella for sunny day AND Expensive umbrella for rainy day - both still have to pass SAME zero lobang test, umm... to stay Approved or Unapproved? I am so confused.

4. "There have been reports of those who had self-medicated with ivermectin requiring hospitalisation."

Causation? Coincidence? Correlation? Rrright .. I don't eat non-legit stuff but I drink milk to be strong. I walk to standalone supermarket for more but on the way, a masked cyclist knocks into me so I require hospitalisation. So, will there be reports of those who had drunk milk requiring hospitalisation?

Yah, it was sunny that day and I carried cheap umbrella on the day I required hospitalisation. So also can conclude aunties who use, on sunny days, umbrellas not approved as UV shield devices require hospitalisation hor? Just maybe only Indonesian Ibus can successfully carry cheap umbrellas, rain or shine in Indonesia backyard; without fear or favour.

Aiyah, maybe here in Lion City just obediently just let them poke , no need milk or cheap umbrella lah.

Afterall, just scientifically hope UNAPPROVED gang you join MAY keep you from requiring hospitalisation. In Them we Trust to choose among the UNAPPROVED to stay APPROVED 👌🏻.