#1 - What does BENEFITS really mean? BY NUTELLA 


Is it really true? 

Or is there something else that don't sit well with you? 

Let us discuss about this bubble thought, shall we? Let's go!

So let's go question by question, shall we?

This post shall address the first question, what are the benefits of taking the jab?



Everything also got two sides to a coin right!

1. Reduce severe symptoms or death to mild/no symptoms. Alright let us assume that this vaccine is really that effective at reducing covid killer symptoms. So first question you should ask yourself is - will you die if you get covid based on your age group (i.e. Survival rate vs fatality rate). I definitely don't wanna come up with my own figures, but since most of you trust the MSM data, let us take a look at it shall we? 

So CDC is saying 99% chance I will survive Covid 19? 

So I won't die?

So that brings us to the second part to challenging the benefits given by the MSM. So let's assume you won't die from it. YAY! So am I saying that it's okay to suffer from its severe symptoms and also that herd immunity and protecting loved ones are wrong ....

 eh wait up... hold your horses yeehar.

Definitely it's good that you reduce your "possible severe symptoms" if you "get" covid. 

First of all you have made 3 assumptions:

 1. It spreads easily (SIBEI SCARY LEH)

2. You get it (WHOA SUAY LEH)

3. Your natural body immune system cannot handle it. (ME SUPER WEAK ONE)

How sure are you with the three assumptions above? 

Ok, let's assume both 1 and 2 are true. It's highly infectious and you get it. 

So now you are vaccinated, does it mean it protects your loved ones and yourself too? 

You must have also been informed by the MSM and by your vaccination staff that it does not prevent infection, but only reduce symptoms. So basically it means it is not a vaccine but a treatment, just like any other medicine. And it sounded more like you are popping paracetamols before you officially get a headache. 

By the way, we aren't anti vaxxers here FYI. 

For assumption 3, are you dead sure you need the vaccine because your immune system will fail you? 

Because after you take it, you might surely be dead. (Pun intended)

Okay you get the jab, you show no symptoms. 

And there's a chance you get infected still (already cases are showing up in Singapore)

So what does that mean? 

It means you have won yourself a brand new job title - THE SUPER CARRIER

You are basically walking around with variants or original covid virus, and jeopardising the lives of those who can't be vaccinated (based on medical recommendations)

Are you really protecting your fellow Singaporeans or loved ones? 

Or are you a potential TIME BOMB? JEEBABOOM

Economy Reopening and being able to fly:

First of all, yes it does sound like a benefit no?

Remember that is NOT a benefit. It was your RIGHT to begin with. They took it away in the name of this virus and offer it back to you as a BENEFIT of taking the shot. You bloody thieves...

Is it safe for people to start traveling because they are vaccinated? Answer is surely a NO. Why? 

Because they can be infected too! Walking around with a virus and passing the virus/variants to the unable-to-be-vaccinated individuals in the other countries. And they may be seated next to you in the plane too for hours! And would these countries welcome you knowing that you might be carrying variants and viruses into their community (where they are trying so HARD to bring down the numbers)?

Also does that mean those can't be vaccinated because of underlying health conditions should never be allowed to fly again? Imagine yourself being one of them? Or your spouse or your child? 

This logic itself to only allow vaccinated individuals to move freely is flawed

How about those with natural antibodies already formed?

Last but not least, let us talk about freebies.

Who doesn't like free stuff? I am sure we both do.


Go vaccinated in Singapore, you get free hand sanitisers and masks.

Go vaccinated in other countries, you get free donuts, and chances to win the lottery of more than 1 million dollars, and even a Tesla Car! 


If it's that good a vaccine, why is there a need to run a promotion? Common sense right? Because people are hesitant on taking it. They wanna lure you in. Best still, a car in exchange for 2 needle jabs leh. 

Sounds too good to be true, ain't it?

As the saying often goes... 

If it's too good to be true, it's a SCAM!!! RUN!!!!

Why are people hesitant you may ask? 

Experts say it's safe, Govt say it's safe and good. Even when it's a new technology AHA. Why? 

(apparently they have been testing it for years and have never succeeded, ask us for more information)

And Media has been blasting us with celebrities paid-adverts asking us to go for it. 

We even made it to the international news leh!

It's simply because we know of people around us who died, suffer from severe side effects, more than we hear about people around us who really got Covid-19 and suffered from it. 

Have you ever seen any commercial for any other vaccines that's so aggressively pushed? 

Yearly chickenpox measles flu vaccine advertisement? No right? 

Suddenly they do free advertisement for Pfizer and Moderna leh! 

So if you really need the hand sanitiser and masks and that is your motivation to go for the shot, then we have nothing to say. YOU CHEAPO that's it. 

If you believe you can travel because you are vaccinated, and that is your motivation to go for the shot, then we have nothing to say. YOU NAIVE. That's it. 

By now you should have realised that the health industry has flipped upside down. Fallen. 

Old era: You visit a doctor when you feel sick, have symptoms. 

New era: You are healthy, people poke your nose with a stick and tell you that you are sick.

Old era: You are healthy.

New era: You are an asymptomatic infected individual.

Next post will be on the REAL RISKS involved. Stay tuned!

Keep asking the right questions. 

And you will realise the TRUTH is within reach.