An Analysis of The Changi Airport Cluster


An analysis of the Airport Cluster for the month of May 2021. 

On May 5, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that an 88-year-old cleaner at Changi Airport Terminal 3 tested positive for COVID-19. In less than three weeks, a growing number of COVID-19 infections linked to Changi Airport has turned it into the country's largest active cluster, with a total of 100 cases as of Thursday, May 20. (CNA)

A detailed analysis of the airport cluster by one of our Truth Warriors presented in this Table (see PDF file) shows clearly that there is only a marginal difference between the number of vaxxed and unvaxxed cases and symptoms.    

Just how much benefits would the vaccines offer?  We leave it to everyone's own discretion and draw your own conclusion. One thing is clear, that even vaxxed people can be infected and infect and the same apply to everyone without connection to vaccination status. Pointing fingers at the unvaxxed for posing risks may not go well in history books.