A Summary of the MINDSville@Napiri Adult Disability Home


The MINDSville@Napiri cluster was first linked to a 37-year-old female resident who developed symptoms on 29 May 2021 and had a fever the next day. She was sent to a polyclinic on 31 May and her test came back positive the same day. All 255 residents and staff were subsequently tested (ST) . 

As at 8 June, 2021,  there were 33 infected cases and a summary by one of our Truth Warriors as follow: 

  • 30 cases were FULLY VACCINATED (91%),  of which 8 were staff and 22 were residents

            21 cases were asymptomatic and 6 were symptomatic.

            No information on symptoms for 3 cases - #64061, #64062, #64060

  • 3 cases were NON VACCINATED (9%)

            2 cases were asymptomatic and 1 was symptomatic

In spite of the claims that symptoms are supposedly less in the vaccinated, data in the MOH links showed no significant difference in the symptoms in both vaxxed and non vaxxed.

You may check details of the cases on MOH website.

A point to highlight : When MOH previously cited non vaccinated cases from TTSH cluster needing oxygen, it was a poor comparison, likely between non vaccinated elderly sick against vaccinated healthier younger ones. Details of their profile (age, health status, type of illness) should be made available for comparison based on similar profile between non vaccinated and vaccinated to present a fair and accurate picture.