Before taking the jabs, read up instructions from the vaccine manufacturers (see PDF below), find out contents of the vaccines (see PDF below) and details of the trials done. Consider what other experts are saying and learn the about the efficacy measurements and possible side effects.  

This 7min video* presents some food for thought. Continue your search before making this important decision. 

(*video is not created or endorsed by Truth Warriors community

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List of Pfizer ingredients:

Pfizer Covid-19 Fact Sheet:

Why Is The Jab Not Compulsory?

The reason being there is a lack of long term safety data on the vaccines.

We don't  really know what happens 3-6 months later.

For that reason, we cannot make it compulsory, it should be voluntary. 

You know what you are going in for and we accept the risk when we get vaccinated. 

Infectious Disease specialist Dr. Leong Hoe Nam advised above. 

Also note employers have no legal power to force staff members to disclose their Covid-19 vaccination status or demand that they get inoculated (The Straits Times, 11 Jun 2021). More info here

Some Tips From A Fellow Truth Warrior

1. Should you make a decision to take the jab, do a complete full body medical checkup. Get a report to say that you are free of critical illness or if there's any allergies or abnormalities. Ask your doctor this very important question "based on the report am I safe to go for the vaccine?" if yes, why, if no, why not.

2. If you have decided to go ahead, just prior to the vaccination make sure you:

> Know exactly the type and how much amount of the vaccine are going to be administered on you

> Jot down the name of the attending healthcare professional 

> Get someone to record the whole session 

Before taking the jab, ask this very important question again "Is it safe for me?" Remember the tag: "Please familiarise yourself with all relevant information about the vaccine before booking"

3. After vaccinations make sure to note down all abnormalities, side effects or adverse effects. Consider recording a video of yourself to explain your personal experience.

4. The moment you experience side effects no matter how minor, do another thorough and complete medical checkup again. And if you experience more severe effects like headaches, heartburn or heaviness on the chest or difficulty breathing, request for MRI it is affordable for you. Make comparison with your medical reports before and after the vaccination. Seek doctor's advise on his or her interpretations of both reports. If you're unsure, get 2nd and 3rd opinion.

All these may help to safe guard yourself from possible negligence.