Flip Flop Roti Prata Technique Mastered (Mentor = Covid-19)

By Nutella

What do you mean? 

I must say after more than a year of fighting Covid-19 in Singapore, the only thing we got better at is flipping roti prata. Let me share some light on how we have journeyed from a novice to a master level.

1. First we say only sick and obese need to wear masks. 

Then we change to all wear masks. 

Then we change to BETTER quality masks. 

Ps. We even see PM wearing 2 masks after being vaccinated.

Now Temasek wanna give us N95 Masks. (Making too much money during "Plandemic", is it?)


2. First you said the OLD should take the jab to protect yourself and others cause it prevents and minimise the chance of you getting Covid-19 and passing to your loved ones.

Then you said the YOUTHS should jab to protect the OLD. Then it's everyone should get vaccinated in order to return to normalcy and for you to open borders again. Then you said you gonna turn endemic, then you close businesses again and went straight back to P2HA. 

First you said 94-95%. 

Then Israel reported 64% efficacy against Delta. You suddenly come up with ours being 69%. 

Now Israel reporting 39% efficacy against Delta. So what's ours? Add 5% as buffer?

How about against Lambda? 

Anyway how do you determine it's effective when you don't even know if an infected individual will actually have symptoms or not? So I happen to have no symptoms after getting infected = vaccine POWER

If I am unvaccinated and infected and also no symptoms, is it called IMMUNE POWER? 

In both cases, whether vaccinated or not, I show no symptoms. How does the task force or expert committee determine that vaccines are useful? 

3. First you said it's safe. No mentioning of myocarditis.

Then Israel reported having cases. 

Then you say we don't have. We will monitor.

Then 6 cases came up. You said 4 recovered. The other 2 you chose not to discuss deeper their conditions. 

Next update you said got 12. Whoa doubled. 

Now, you don't dare to update anymore the actual numbers. 

Are you aware FDA already knew the possibility of having myocarditis back in Oct 2020? 

Getting jab should be an informed choice. WAH PIANG why you NO TELL us before hand? 

Oh forgot to mention, you said rest one week after second jab due to myocarditis risk. Then after that change to rest one week after any jabs. So if more cases surface, I believe it will be changed to 2 weeks. 

So 2 weeks after 1st jab. And 2 weeks after 2nd jab. Total one month break from "tough" activities. For those doing manual and hard labor, should their employer pay them for 1 month of inability to perform what they are hired for? 

Oh yeah, could you explain how myocarditis can happen from this jab? Isn't the spike protein supposed to stay at the injection site? I suppose it doesn't then. Waiting for your experts to explain this intricate scientific process of heart inflammation due to mRna vaccine. LAI LAI EXPERTS. ME WAIT YOU : ) 

4. First you said individuals with allergies and pregnant shouldn't take. Doctor then followed your orders and advised them not to.

Then suddenly science evolved, and they can take it. So doctors just follow orders again, and thus encouraged their patients to go ahead. Advice goes like this... You go take, if anything happens, then skip the second jab. 

WAH LAO EH. Liddat also can

Since when is medical science politicised? Politicians can just SUKA SUKA change. Doctors also never ask and investigate if what the politicians say is true. All because we have experts saying so. Wait up. Ask the doctor... do you know which expert? They will tell you EXPERT Lor... 

Doctor doctor, can you list for me the ingredients inside the vaccine? SILENCE is highly anticipated.... Answer will be mRNA and ermmmmm nano lipids and ermmm... sodium chloride? How can a doctor recommend the use of a vaccine they do not even know about? 

SM102, PEG .... do they even know what it is and what it does? Why are the scientists putting these toxic chemicals as part of the magical formula? One day one scientist in their lab may suggest putting their own urine in it and say if helps to create stronger antibodies. Then label as Proprietary Yellow Mixture. 

5. We go from uncapped to 5 to 0 to 2 to 5 to 8 to 2 to vaccinated vs unvaccinated.  Seriously, hanging out in 5 and only allowed to eat in 2s, does not make any mathematical sense. Having a family occupy two tables instead of one only creates table hoarding and increase the zone of exposure. Having unvaccinated in 2s at one table and 5/8 vaccinated at another table make any difference? I thought you said Covid is airborne? Apparently queuing up at Bukit Merah to buy food can also cause clusters. 

Oh forgot to ask you hor... we cannot mask off and talk before food arrive, because got saliva droplets. May contain the virus. So why cant we test the saliva? Instead we need to poke so deep into my NOSE CAVE and cause my eyes to waterfall leh? Please kindly enlighten.

Anyway got experts saying virus may spread through farting too... Can you POFMA these experts? Cause we have been farting in year 2020 and 2021? It's not like we fart once annually. How trustable are these experts I wonder... Both overseas and locally. 

6. You said it's voluntary. Again and again. 

First, in order to get the jab, they have to book online. They do not want to. 

Secondly, you said can do walk in. They do not want to go. 

Thirdly, you encourage family members to persuade them to go for the jab. They still don't want to go.

Fourth, you scare them everyday with Straits Times and MSM news that they are at risk. They die die don't want to go. 

Now, you are going door to door to "encourage" jabs. We move the mobile vaccine trucks to you. 

I foresee the next step is ... Go into their house and just jab them. 

So much for saying it's voluntary. 

Same thing happening for workplaces. You mentioned workplace cannot force, but only can encourage. On the other hand, workplaces can make it compulsory if it's high risk. And you get the HR to submit vaccination status to you. So HR everyday haunt the unvaccinated about their status and when they are going to get jabbed. 

And now you want to discriminate the unvaccinated, depriving them of their basic rights and freedom. 

7. First you are able to diagnose all cases after vaccination that they are not related to the jab. Deaths are all due to underlying conditions of the deceased. Within one day. We have doctors who are able to immediately inform a patient the symptoms they are having after the jab isn't related to the jab even without conducting any further tests. DONT POFMA HOR. And your standard line is "There is no evidence to show that the injury is related to the vaccine." 

Would you care to show what kind of evidence you are looking for? The word Pfizer being inscribed onto the blood vessels? Or the last words uttered by the victim is Moderna? Why do you sound like you are protecting the Big pharmas than really being concerned about your fellow citizen? Oh I forgot. Cause you invested your money in them. HUGE AMOUNTS

And for your 16 year old case, there is ZERO updates on your expert analysis nor deductions after 3 weeks. Except it might be due to supplements and his Heavy Gym weights that is twice his body weight. (Update - Now you paid out $225k to the boy's family - $225K is reserved for death/ permanent disability cases under VIFAP) Please explain what permanent disability is this boy suffering from? Also the other case of $225K payout, who's that?

We can FAST FORWARD normal vaccine from 5-10 years to 9 months because of investments and collaborative efforts (as so claimed)

We can conduct ART Test and get a result in 20 mins instead of hours or a day. 

But you analyse one boy's condition for more than 3 weeks still no answer. Could you pour more money into it and make it a collaborative effort then? Or could you get the same doctor who certified other cases within 10 mins? 

Also if ART isn't as accurate as PCR like you claimed, can you also pour more money into it and make it 100% accurate?

8. First you report all cases/ clusters. Vaccinated/ unvaccinated (when unvaxxed more cases). 

Then you said we turning endemic. So we change the way we report. 

Then news come out... Vaccinated now make up 2/3 of the cases/ clusters. 

Don't hide lah. We know why you change. Cause numbers BUAY SWEE. More and more vaccinated being infected. You don't want the public to suddenly doubt why they got jabbed in the first place. 

Soon you will see HERD INFECTION, not herd immunity. 80% of the infection cases are all vaccinated. There you go, you hit your National Day KPI liao. Tell your boss, same same lah. got 80% can liao. 

Sometimes I think our prata technique mutates faster than Covid Variants.