We have collated some resources for your reference and discussion. 

For those who are coerced to take jabs by employers, please refer to the letter template here for your consideration. Also note employers have no legal power to demand that they get inoculated (The Straits Times, 11 Jun 2021). Guidelines and advisories for employers continue to be shifting so keep a lookout for updates from MOM website. 

You may have read open letters and petitions by concerned citizens, including some by medical practitioners. We have listed a few here for your reference and sharing. There are many good points raised and you may use them for discussion and research. 

The views and opinions expressed in the petitions belong solely to the organisers of these petitions and do not necessarily represent that of the Truth Warriors community, who are entitled to their own diverse opinions.   

Truthwarriors is a community repository of evidence-based information on global developments surrounding COVID-19. Our content is curated for vaccine-affected and COVID-concerned citizens as part of the online SG Suspected Vaccine Injuries and SG Covid La Kopi Telegram groups.

This is the online petition by "Citizens Against Covid-19" on 5 June that has garnered more than 2,000 signatures, calling on a nationwide sustainable Outpatient Home Treatment Plan, which was developed by international critical care doctors to provide cheap antiviral drug ivermectin as treatment and prevention. It also calls to hold off...