Post Jab Experiences

We present these personal accounts of individuals who were impacted by significant adverse events and have courageously stepped forward to share their experiences, despite challenges faced in coping with the painful emotions that come along with it. We appreciate their courage and strength to speak up and their sincerity in wanting to warn others to avoid such pain. 

Many of these cases are not officially classified as vaccine related and some may still be in the process of applying for the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistant Programme (VIFAP) , which must be assessed by a doctor to be linked to the individual's COVID-19 vaccination.

Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are commonly underreported, especially self-reporting on official healthcare system, based on past studies of reported cases to Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in the US. In fact, it appears that COVID vaccine deaths reported to the US CDC between 14 Dec 2020 to 5 May 2021 is equivalent to ALL vaccine death reports over last 20 Years ( Cases featured here are only samples of reported cases to our community and we are hearing more stories of adverse events coming out. These seemingly rare occurrences may just be a tip of the iceberg as most of the cases of adverse events are self-reported and officially dismissed as unlinked to the jabs. Look up under SG Cases and join our Telegram channel for more information.

While it may be difficult to ascertain the actual number of people impacted locally with significant adverse events (other than the official reports ) due to fear of being labelled as spreading misinformation and many cases officially classified as unlinked to the jabs, we encourage you to read these stories with an inquisitive mind and weigh the risks and benefits for yourself. Where possible, leave notes of encouragement for the afflicted and their family members.    

80 year old man with past medical history of blocked arteries but considered fit, took the 2nd jab of Pfizer on 1st May 2021. Two and a half weeks after the 2nd jab, he developed a heart attack which was complicated by a severe bacterial infection that led to an amputation of his leg after repeated surgeries and courses of antibiotics....

72 year old lady, with history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and ischaemic heart disease passed away 29 hours after her first Pfizer jab.

Jo-ann Tan's brother-in-law, 48 year old, had his first Covid vaccination on 18 April 2021. He was fine until 6 hours later, he contacted his family that he was feeling very weak and giddy. As he was too weak to be moved, an ambulance was called in.

Ms Charlene Lin, 37, who works in the food and beverage industry, took her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on 24 Jan 2021, 7pm and felt dizzy after that. She then went to Singapore General Hospital (SGH)'s emergency department on 25 Jan for medical assistance where she went through various testing overnight and was discharged. However, Ms Lin's...

Mr Yak Hock Hwa, a 57-year-old private-hire car driver, went for vaccination at the vaccination centre set up in Bukit Timah Community Club. He took his first Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine jab on 5 March 2021, Friday.

Male, Age 23, Moderna dose 

Recieved text message that he was nominated to book for vaccine appointment.

17th May, 1st dose of Moderna. A week of nausea and thunderclap headache on right side of his head, left side chest pains below rib cage, seems to affect his mental health. Visited the A&E 3 times, CT scans and blood scans cleared.

We hope he feels better soon and is able to claim VIFAP. 

Female, Age 70, Pfizer dose 

She is a stroke patient with heart problems, received the Pfizer jab on 15 Mar and developed vomitting & backache on 16 Mar.

She was warded in NUH ICU and balloon procedure carried out due to heart blood vessel blockage. Unfortunately, she is now 100% bedridden and is not even able to sit.

The family has applied for VIFAP but were rejected. The family has since written to their MP to seek help to appeal to MOH as nothing heard so far from VIFAP. There has yet been any response from their MP or MOH.

We hope her condition will improve and may the family find the answers they are looking for soon.

Male, Age 51, Pfizer dose  

He has a history of mild stroke symptoms in 2020 but discharged with normal medical reports and remained moderately fit, took the Pfizer jab on 11 May 2021 (first jab) and had no immediate reaction. 

Subsequently, on 23 May, he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away on 23 May. In the sudden moment of grief, the victim's family did not apply for VIFAP nor obtain a medical report that would allow them to apply for it.

They do, however, hope to be able to lodge the death of their father as a suspected vaccine injury and hopefully be able to claim from VIFAP.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family.

Female, Age 45, Pfizer dose 

She has a clean bill of health prior to taking the Pfizer jab on 3 and 24 May respectively. Developed fever and irregular heart beat 2-3 days after the 2nd jab. She sought treatment and was given heart-related medication and asked to observe her condition. 

Since then, she is well and at home. She has lodged a report to HSA on doctor's advise but has not applied for VIFAP.  We thank her for sharing and hope she will stay well. 

Female, Age 71, Pfizer dose 

She had a clean bill of health, was completely fine, had good appetite, remained active and strong, being able to play with grandson regularly.

She took her 1st Pfizer shot on 25 Apr and initially experienced heavy arm. Unfortunately, on 9 May, Mother's Day, her family found that she passed away on her bed.

Autopsy has been requested by her family with much difficulty as no timing of death was given. Her family is still in grief and shock, it being an extremely painful and sudden ordeal.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to this family. 

Male, Age 31 and Male Age 40+, Pfizer dose 

31 year old male with history of gout vomited blood after taking his 2 jabs. Upon hospitalization, he was found to have 'blood cysts' in his stomach and had to undergo an operation. He has since been discharged and is resting at home.

40+ year old male with a history of heart problem received his 2 jabs and was found to have blood clots on his leg. He had to be hospitalized to have the clots removed through an operation and was only discharged after 2 months.

Both were sent by Singapore Tourism Board in early Jan 2021, indicating that these jabs were the Pfizer ones. 

We wish both gentlemen a full and speedy recovery.  

Female, Age 66, Pfizer dose

Has standalone past medical history of high blood pressure. She took the 1st Pfizer jab on 1 April 2021 and had no major reaction.

She then took the 2nd jab on the 23 April and felt slight dizziness on Day 1. On 25 April, 2 days later, she suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed suddenly in the evening while going on a walk with a friend.

She was received by paramedics 12 minutes later and was able to be resuscitated. Unfortunately, her heart stopped the following morning and the doctors had to resuscitate her once more.

After 3 days in a medically-induced coma, she miraculously woke up and was discharged from cardiac ICU after 1 week.

To date, she is back home with her family and suffers no major side effect. The family considers themselves very lucky to have had a second chance with their mother and acknowledges that not everyone has had the same luck they had. They want to share their case for others to know their experience.

Female, Age 45, Pfizer dose 

Singaporean healthcare worker with no medical history but has sinus issues, eczema, food and drug allergy; has good physical endurance, jogs often, took the Pfizer jab on 4 March and 26 March 2021 respectively.

2 weeks after the 1st jab, she experienced headaches every few days. on the 3rd week, the headaches were daily and included a pulling sensation of her muscles.

She began developing a fever on 25 Mar at 10am that was accompanied by leg cramps, dizziness and headaches. That same night, she also experienced breathlessness.

On the 26 March, the day of her 2nd jab, she suffered severe headache and aching of her facial bones and chest, hands and legs. This was on top of cramping, nerve pains in her hand, legs and feet; dizziness, disorientation, diarrhea, fever, left face and mouth numbness and left side body weakness. She was immediately admitted into the hospital for 6 days where she was treated medically and discharged with a psychiatry follow-up. 

We wish this lady a full and speedy recovery.  

Female, Age 47, Moderna dose

Has a history of fibroid issues experiences severe pain during her menstrual period lasting 3 days post receiving the 2nd dose of the Moderna jab. Her menstrual cycle also started 10 days earlier despite it usually being very predictable.

Her symptoms after her first jab included redness of her face and neck lasting a few days, accompanied by warmth to the affected skin area. She is currently self-medicating with oral painkillers as subsequent months of menstrual pain continue to be more painful than usual.

We wish this lady a full and speedy recovery. 

Female, Age 45, Pfizer dose

45 year old Chinese female, took her first Pfizer jab on the 28 May 2021 at Tampines Hub. Within 30 mins of the jab, she felt pins and needles and numbness in her left foot and leg. Since then, she has continued to experience these symptoms intermittently at durations longer than she has ever experienced before.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

Female, Age 48, Moderna dose

48 year old Chinese lady took her second Moderna jab on 2 June 2021 and experienced insomnia ever since them. She is able to stay awake for 48 hours and depends on sleeping pills to fall asleep as her body feels the fatigue. Unfortunately, her sleep is disturbed by hypnic jerks since the second jab.

We hope she recovers and finds restful sleep soon.

Female, Age 30, Pfizer dose

30 year old Chinese female, took her first Pfizer jab in January this year. 1 day after, she experienced a throbbing headache lasting 1 week. Her left knee would also hurt and occasionally give way when standing. 2 weeks after the jab, she experienced chest tightness that lasted 2.5 months. After the chest symptoms passed, she developed a stiff and painful neck, affecting her ability to turn her head on some days. This has yet to be resolved 6 months after.

We wish this lady a full and speedy recovery.

Female, Age 32, Pfizer dose

32 year old Ms Yang took her first Pfizer jab in early June 2021. However, 1 day after the jab, she experienced severe sharp pain in her chest and upper abdomen. Her stomach also felt upset for 2 days. These symptoms are currently ongoing.

We wish this lady a full and speedy recovery.

Male, Age 32, Pfizer dose

32 year old Indian male took the Pfizer jab in April and after the 2nd dose, suffered a mild heart attack within 48 hours. He was hospitalized for 3 days and is recovering.

We hope that he has fully recovered by now.

Female, Mid 40s

Filipino lady in her mid forties took the first jab early June this year and collapsed in church 2.5 weeks after. She is currently in NUH ICU in a coma following an emergency brain surgery due to an aneurysm (ruptured blood vessel). 6 days preceding this unfortunate turn of events, the victim complained of having a headache and saw a Dr. The doctor prescribed medication for migraine. The victim felt better and participated in exercise the day after.

This case is submitted by the brother of the employer of this Filipino lady. He reported that her health is worsening and she is in critical condition.

We thank the employer's brother for submitting this case to us and we wish this Filipino lady a speedy recovery.

Male, Age 61, Pfizer dose

61 year old male with history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, chronic kidney disease on dialysis x3/week was given the green light by neighbourhood doctor for the jab. Early June 2021, he took his first dose of Pfizer and was well. However, the next day, after chatting with his son before going to bed, he was found to have passed away in his sleep.

Police insisted on having an autopsy done, resulting in cause of death being ischaemic heart disease.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of the deceased.

Male, Age 57, Moderna dose

57 year old man with pre-existing hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol but has been keeping fit in the past 1-2 years and successfully controlled his blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

He took the first Moderna jab on 21 April 2021 despite presenting with high blood pressure at the vaccine centre. On the same night of the jab, he felt some discomfort.

On 25 April 2021, 4 days after the jab and after heeding advice to avoid exercising for 3 days post vaccination, he resumed his gym routine and collapsed at the gym. He was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with a massive left brain stroke and heart attack. Both diagnoses contraindicated each other for surgical intervention and after 11 days in the ICU, he passed away from increased brain pressure on 6 May 2021.

Our team extends our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of the deceased.

Male, Age 49, Pfizer dose

49 year old male with pre-existing medical conditions of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, was previously reasonably fit before taking the first Pfizer jab on 28 May 2021.

After taking the first jab, he reported feeling breathless, sweating a lot and had abnormal urination. He was admitted to TTSH and on the 2 June 2021 was put on oxygen support.

He later passed away in hospital due to sepsis (life-threatening multi-organ failure due to a abnormal bodily response to a widespread infection in the blood).

Our team extends our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of this victim.

Male, Age 74, Pfizer dose

Case submitted by his son: 74 year old Chinese man received the 2nd dose of Pfizer jab on the 7 April 2021 and suffered a stroke a day later.

He has since been hospitalized for 60 days and is making gradual recovery.

The family applied for VIFAP but were rejected.

We wish this victim a speedy recovery and a smooth discharge from hospital.

Case was submitted via our google form link

Male, Age 93, Pfizer dose

93 years old male with pre-existing medical condition of gallstone, took the Pfizer jab and felt sore and slightly feverish after his 2nd dose on the 28 March 2021. Unfortunately, 1 day later, on 29 March 2021, he was found lying on the ground by his son. The victim was sent to SKH and declared dead an hour later.

Cause of death reports:

1st report by SKH - Cardiorespiratory failure pending further investigation

2nd report by HSA - Ruptured acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Our team extends our deepest sympathies and condolences to this family.

Female, Age 53, Pfizer dose

53 year old Chinese lady who is a cancer survivor of 3 years, took the 1st Pfizer jab on 8 April 2021 and felt palpitations within the first hour. This continued on and off for the next 3 days and turned into a bodily rash after 1 week. After 4 days of suffering from the rash, she saw a doctor and was diagnosed to have shingles. Her symptoms lasted for 3 weeks and thankfully she has totally recovered.

Case was submitted via our google form link.  

Male, Age 47, Moderna dose

47 year old Chinese male with a medical history of hypertension took the 2nd Moderna jab on the 31 May 2021. He felt some chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath and profuse sweating after cycling to work post bath. He saw a doctor for it but subsequently developed a fever 3 days later and also felt out of breath with chest discomfort when he returned to work thereafter.

Having gone to the A&E for his symptoms, he was found to have had suffered a heart attack and was admitted immediately. He underwent 2 heart procedures to remove clots in 1 of his heart arteries (100% blocked) and insert 2 stents in. After 7 days of hospitalization, he has since been discharged and is now recovering at home.

We wish him a speedy recovery!

Case was submitted via our google form link

Female, Age 31, Sinovac dose

Reporting from a 58 year old mother in Singapore on 24 June 2021. Both mother and helper (31 year old) took Sinovac on 22 June 2021.

 While the older lady only experienced a sore arm, the younger helper experienced light-headedness and positional dizziness (only dizzy when changing postures).

The mother has partial heart blood vessel blockages and well controlled pre-diabetes. Her helper has a clean bill of health.

In addition to their experience with Sinovac, the mother also reported that her daughter who took the Pfizer jabs experienced fever and diarrhoea while her son-in-law had to take 3 days MC. We did not pursue further on these cases.

We will continue to follow up with this mother and update along the way.

Male, Age 32, Moderna dose

32 year old male took the first Moderna jab on 16 June 2021. He felt chest tightness on the 19 June 2021. He did not receive any treatment as it was diagnosed as a muscle strain.

We wish him a steady recovery ASAP.

Male, Age 36, Pfizer dose

36 year old male with history of kidney stones but otherwise fit, took the Pfizer jab on the 26 June 2021 and developed a soft, dull intermittent pain in the upper left portion of his chest a day later.

He has since felt this symptom recur when he was last agitated, of which chest tightness was felt too.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Female, Age 24, Pfizer dose

24 year old female with no known medical history received the first Pfizer jab on 4 July 2021 and fainted with seizures within an hour. She is currently hospitalized and undergoing medical investigations.

We wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she will be discharged well and soon.

Female, Age 79, Pfizer dose

79 year old lady with medical history of right hemicolectomy, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism received both Pfizer jabs in March and April 2021. She initially only experienced mild arm aches after her first jab. After her second jab, she developed a headache and hot flushes.

Nearly a month later, in early June, she experienced stomach pain, bloatedness, indigestion and vomiting.

She was hospitalized for 1 week and subsequently discharged. Since then, she has been having digestion problems.

We wish her a speedy recovery. 

Male, Age 64, Pfizer dose

64 year old man with medical history of heart problems received 1st Pfizer dose on 19 June 2021, suffered heart attack and was admitted to ICU in KTPH on 2 July 2021.

A few days later before discharge, he asked the doctor for letter to exempt him for 2nd shot. The doctor told him there is no need for letter as he can still go for 2nd shot.

On 6 July 2021, he suffered a 2nd heart attack and was admitted to hospital again. The doctors did an angiogram and put him in ICU.

We wish him a quick recovery and discharge from ICU.

Female, Age 22, Pfizer dose

22 year old female with no medical history took 1st dose Pfizer on 1 July, 1430hrs. During the night 1am, she couldn't sleep due to heart palpitations, which only stopped at 6am. On 10 July, she started having chest pain around 4am. After taking charcoal pill, chest pain subsided.

On 11 July, she experienced chest pain again and went to see private doctor and was referred to A&E. At A&E, 2x blood tests and 2x ECG were done. She was given gastric pill and muscle relaxant. Nurse said the gastric pill was to cushion the muscle relaxant. But later on the doctor said the gastric pill is given because she had gastric. She has never had any gastric before and they did not do any check-up for her gastric. In the end. the doctor said all is normal and was given muscle relaxant. A referral letter was given to follow-up at polyclinic.

She still experience chest pain once a while and her heartbeat is always high, which caused her sleepless nights.

The doctor told her she is not eligible for VIFAP.