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Join this growing community and find us on Telegram. This channel is started by a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life. Check out the robust sharing, discussion and support all happening in that space! 

1) SG Suspected Vaccine Injuries
 Suspected Vaccine Injuries Discussion Group: @SGVaxInjury 
Collation of Local Suspected Vaccine Injury Cases
: @SGVaccineInjuries  

2) Screenshots of Suspected Vaccine Injuries
Community sharing of screenshots sighted: @sgssofsuspectedvaxinjuries

3) Local Covid Group Discussion
SG Covid La Kopi: @SGCovidDiscussions

4) SG Covid Survivors
SG Covid Survivors Discussion Group: @SGCovidIfxSurvivors
SG Covid Survivors Testimonies: @SGCovidIfxTestimonies

5) SG Vaccinated Women's Health
SG Vaccinated Women's Health Channel: @SGVaxWomen
SG Vaccinated Women's Health Discussion Group: @SGVaxxedWomen

6) Concerned Parent's Group and Resources
Focused Concerned Parent's Discussion Group: @SGConcernedParents
Chatty Parent's Discussion Group: @SGChattyParents

7) SG Covid Grassroot Statistical Analysis
SG The COVID Numbers Game: @sgthecovidnumbersGame

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View our database of suspected vaccine injuries:

Email enquiry on vaccine injury-related matters:                                                                             

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