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You have outdone yourself again!

By alien Nutella (Opinion Article)

An apology letter from the bottom of my heart 

          by a 3rd class doubtful citizen - Nutella

Prominent Irish doctors expressing their concern about the potential danger of administering the experimental vaccines on children  


This is a collection of information from a local community of Truth Warriors in Singapore who are presenting the other side of the COVID picture that is rarely found in conventional news channels. 

We hope these information will complement you in making informed decisions on COVID jabs. If you have already taken the jab, the information may be relevant for your future decisions on booster jabs or simply offer you perspectives beyond pro-vax or anti-vax. The compilation ranges from works of researchers, medical professionals, scientists, virologists to personal stories of individuals who were impacted by significant adverse events, whose voices were drowned out in news and social media space. 

We are not representing any expert position to verify the diverse information shared. However, we believe that everyone can do their due diligence to be better informed and draw their own conclusion. So buckle up as your journey begins here.    

The name "Truth Warriors" is used to inspire our community to uphold the courage of sharing truth, which may sometimes come at a cost. We welcome vibrant discussions and 'fact-checking' on one another while not forgetting the fundamental value of showing respect for one another and our desire to bring messages of hope and strength to those who are hurting along this journey of the less travelled.       

We present a 6-poster series to walk you through some important questions to consider in these times.

Feel free to share these posters with your friends and families who have been asking "what's going on these days?!" 

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How many times are we going to repeat the same cycle of pain/regret?  How many more jabs are we expected to take?

Where did this all start from? Why have there been so much preparations done before the emergency arose?  How many lies are we living in right now?


1. Govt harps on the 6% minority who are unvaxxed and paint a picture that the minority are the reason why we haven't been able to curb COVID. By doing so, absolved themselves of any blame for their incompetency in managing the COVID situation which is the key reason for the surges. Just look at other countries with low...

On 11 November, the Singapore government announced the latest round of revisions to its vaccine discrimination scheme. Claiming an end of the so-called 'stabilisation phase', Singapore is now in the 'transition phase'. Among other measures, groups of up to five fully vaccinated patrons may dine in at eateries with the ability to check and enforce...